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Determining when GearVR has been put on

Hey Folks,We're preping a demo at a booth where we hope to have tons of folks giving our demo a shot for maybe 30 seconds each. As a result, we want to have a separate tutorial scene that quickly teaches folks how to use the GearVR inputs (actually o...

sapanda by Level 3
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RayCasting From VR Camera In Unity

I am currently trying to figure out how to raycast from the VR Camera (meaning that it cast from where the player is looking with the headset). Has anyone done this in Unity yet? Or can some help tell me how to access the head tracking information to...

Xzapo by Level 2
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Windowed Startup Menu in Unity 4.6

Background:The unity app I am creating requires users to enter personal information before a game session can begin. Right now it launches a windowed gui so players can manage input fields w/KB+Mouse and interact with the desktop. After players set u...

Chopium by Level 2
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Hi all, I tried to run a simple demo, I downloaded the Unity Integration and Runtime but when I run demo, only appears one camera, also a text appears saying "VR DISABLE", I do not why this happened. I have not attached any DK device I only want test...

Tuscany Unity 5

Hi,Just wanted to ask about running Tuscany with Unity 5. I upgraded the project from Unity 4.6.1 to Unity 5 and at the same time upgraded the Oculus plugin and SDK to work with version 0.6. When running the project however, I've noticed quite a dip ...

Multi Camera - Gear VR -Unity 5 - lasted SDK

greetings to all, I'm having problems with multiple cameras, I have two cameras "OVRCameraRig" configured as recommended, one with depth 1 (nearest camera) and the second (far) with skybox. both have a personalized "culling mask". the editor works pe...

Devos by Level 2
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3D viewing with 2 images

How do I incorporate to images into one object for viewing on the Gear VR from Unity? I have some renders that are rendered out with side by side stereoscopic (lets say 500 pixels high and 100 pixels wide, each eye would see a 500x500 pixel square im...

Eric76 by Level 2
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problem detecting if Oculus is on in 0.6.0

Unity version - 5.0.1f1SDK Version - 0.6.0Before I wasn't having a problem when my program ran without the oculus being on but now I get this error.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectOVRTracker.set_isEnabled (...

Push button with eyes

Hi all, I am newbie in oculus/unity, recently I played a horror game and it was fantastic, one thing I wondering was the capability of push a button with the eyes, literally; I have been searching how to do it, but I do not know what is the name for,...

C++ question about the touchpad

So, I have my phone all setup and working with my Gear VR and my Unity. I have SDK and everything installed, but I'm more of an artist/animator, so I get messed up on code until I have the basics covered. I can make anything 3D and import that into m...

Eric76 by Level 2
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Stable Unity/Oculus versions?

Updated to latest Unity 4.6.5f1 (pre-5) and latest Mobile Oculus 0.5.1 (from versions just a few weeks ago)Now existing projects no longer run when compiled and sample apps don't run when compiled either.Oculus manifest and all settings as per latest...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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  • 0 kudos Getting errors with standalone dlls

Getting multiple errors: Assets/OVR/Scripts/OVRDisplay.cs(288,29): error CS0433: The imported type `System.Action' is defined multiple timesAssets/OVR/Scripts/OVRManager.cs(190,31): error CS0433: The imported type `System.Action`2' is defined multipl...

Zooming with the new SDK

I can imagine that the ability to zoom in a VR game is a sensitive topic, and likely to invite a "don't do that" / "violation of best practices", etc. As far as I can tell, users enjoy the zoom feature in Titans of Space, and Yosemite Spyglass made g...

drash by Level 7
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?Decent Video Playback for desktop?

It seems universally accepted that OGG video / OGV sucks. There are half a dozen alternatives out there, but all of them seem to have their own issues.It looks like Android is hooked up with Moonlight player. Has anyone found a satisfactory video pla...

xhonzi by Level 2
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Possibility of OR in unity free...

So, as my project states, I'm trying to work on making a VR glove/arm to add to the immersive experience of the OR. Unity had an issue, and any time I would try to read data from the system.io.ports, it would hard crash to the desktop without any err...

Unity Crash

I am doing some basic stuff in unity for Oculus VR.But as soon as i click on play button for game mode it just crashes.Following are the details of unity version i am using. Unity version - Unity 5.0.0p2 (64bit) Unity SDK - Mobile SDK 0.5.1 (Latest U...

Best practice: healthbars

Hi guys,Well I'm sufficiently frustrated trying to figure this out on my own so I thought I'd reach out here.I want to add healthbars over my characters heads. In a normal situation this is easy. You convert world coordinates to screen coordinates. B...

Deferred rendering and AA in Unity

Hello!Has any of you been using deferred rendering in Unity with the Rift? I'm having troubles getting image-based anti-aliasing to work properly, it looks almost as bad as having no AA at all.Either the lens distortion shader isn't working properly ...

SiggiG by Level 4
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0.6.0 No image in-Rift

Yesterday I tried upgrading to 0.6.0. When running the build, my DK2 screen would flash for a split second, then remain dark as the mirror on the desktop remained active and correctly functioned with orientation etc.The most strange part about this b...

multiple cameras

HiI have two different scenes in my game. One is the main menu with a OVRCameraRig #1 that works just fine.The second scene, is the actual game. it is loaded additively to the first one and it also has a OVRCameraRig #2 on it.When I load this second ...

Unity 4.6 or 5 Dk1 Tuscany Demo (new to unity)

I am attempting to get the Tuscany Demo working on a DK1 using unity 5 (will attempt unity 4.6 next). I am trying to understand assets vs projects vs unity packages. here is what I think I have learned. unity packages are packages that contain all fi...