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Changing the black pixels outside the fov

Hi, I'm very new to Unity and the Rift. I've been trying to get the black pixels outside the field of view to blink or better yet, show an undistorted quad in the corner that changes color depending on what's happening in the game. To put a quad in t...

Is there a way to force double buffering?

I'm trying to debug my VR game with the Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD). Unfotunately MGD only looks for eglSwapBuffers as a synchronization primitive and since the VR Lib only uses the front buffer I can't capture a frame.I already contacted the ARM fo...

ForwardDirection broken in 0.4.4beta?

ForwardDirection is not rotating.Oculus 0.4.4beta with Unity 4.6.2p2 (windows).Repro:Open a new project and import Tuscany Integration.Run the Tuscany demo.Watch the ForwardDirection in the inspector and rotate the DK2 around Y.Expected:ForwardDirect...

Check for health and safety warning

Hi guys,Does anyone know how to get whether the health and safety warning is displayed in a unity project? I think I am just missing something really simple.Reading the API, it looks like I call it like this: if(_hmd.GetHSWDisplayState().Displayed){ ...

Does adding lights affect PC performance?

Hey guys im making the Back To The Future Experience and as much as i'd love to release the demo im having more issues with FPS the more lights I add. I'm thinking this might be a problem so should I just have ONE directional light and not have many ...

Maintain center orientation between scenes

I have 3 scenes in my game, each use the oculus camera prefab. When switching from one scene to another, it seems that the center orientation of the headset is reset to where ever the HMD is pointing during the transition between scenes. This is an i...

[0.4.3+] Changing MSAA at runtime?

Right now, if I change QualitySettings.antiAliasing at runtime, nothing happens. If I make small modifications to OVRDisplay.cs to allow reconfiguring the eye textures by releasing the existing rendertextures and then creating them as usual via Confi...

drash by Level 7
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Unity : OK to jump but impossible to bounce

Hi,here a piece of code that make my character jump with gravity. It works only if i push the J key. Impossible to make him jump automatically when he touch the ground. I try everything with no success.For example, i try a moveDirection.y = jumpSpeed...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Blue Screen with Direct_to_Rift and Unity 5

Does anyone get the blue screen when building Direct_to_Rift using Unity 5 Beta? I have attached what I get. Unresponsive, though no crash...There seems to be a few posts reporting that Direct_to_Rift seems to work fine with Unity 5 Beta; e.g. this o...

hmiri by Level 3
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Disabling 'Hit return to reset' message

Hi guys,I want to disable the "Hit return to reset" message. This occurs by default when Right Shift key is pressed. And when return is pressed Unity try to load VRDemo_Tuscany scene (That is not in the build). I want to assign another action in this...

p4blo by Level 2
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one eye render cost significant more cpu time

Hi,I profiled our project with unity profile window in editor mode, I got some spike. Normally each eye cost the same, but on spikes it seems one eye cost much more than the other.Here's some cases I got from profiler,RenderPrePass.Sortleft:4.08msrig...

Oculus LAGS on start up, NOT in Unity?

Hey guys. I'm creating this amazing experience and well lets say that it is complex in the modelling type but I would like to know why exactly is it smooth in unity but when I put the oculus on it freezes the first 1 minute off and on.... My games ar...

Harrier Jet Scripting Problem

Hey everyone! I've almost got my project controls complete! I need one more thing. I can't seem to get my script to allow my vehicle in the air to thrust forward and then backwards in Zero Gravity. Think Spaceship type... So far im able to get it to ...

Unity 4.6.2 causes a crash

I'm having a trouble since Unity 4.6.1p4.- Create a project with Unity 4.6.2 (or 4.6.1p4, p5)- Import OculusUnityIntegration.unitypackage (0.4.4)- Replace Main Camera with OVRCameraRig- Play causes this error.NullReferenceException: Object reference ...

korinVR by Level 5
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DK1 which SDK/Unity Integration?

Hi,Apologise if this has been answered as I couldn't find anything via searching.But I've blown of the dust on my DK1 and before I buy a DK2 I wanted to test some of my projects with it.All I get is double vision with my projects when I run them buil...

Unity 5.0.0.f1 - DK2

I was wondering if there's any way to get the OVR Camera or PlayerController to work with Unity BETA 5.0.0.f1? I've tried the tip I've found online, but I still get a bunch of compile errors.Original tip:https://forums.oculus.com/viewtopic.php?f=37&t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Ghosting Issue with DK2 / 0.4.4?

I'm updating my old VR project from DK1->DK2 and I just got a new computer with latest SDK 0.4.4, and DK2 and and firmware 2.12. I haven't been keeping up to much on Rift dev the last few months so forgive if my issue is common / easily fixed. In fac...


Hi!I've attached a behavior scripts to the right and left cameras of the OVRCameraRig. That script define OnRenderImage to be able to generate a post-effect on each eyes.Everything is OK (post-effect) when I run the game in the editor. But, when I bu...

Possible to disable barrel distorion?

hey guys,im doing researches for university at the moment. i came across the point that i need to disable the barrel distortion completely.is there a way to do this?i was able to disable chromatic aberration with OVRManager.display.distortionCaps &= ...

ckrin by Level 2
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OVRManager Disappears when Spawning Prefab

I have been having some real problems with OVRManager. It's way more finicky than OVRDevice.I have found that using 'Instantiate' and 'Network.Instantiate' to spawn ANY prefab with the OVRManager script it, spawns clones with the OVRManager component...

Multiple Oculus?

We're working on a multi-player interactive experience in Unity and wondering if it's possible to use more than one Rift on a single computer?Upon dropping two prefabs into the project and plugging two Oculus Rifts into the computer, it only seems to...

Unity 5 Beta 18 Performance issues?

Without going into too much detail, a colleague and I are developing using Unity 5 beta 18.He's running a non-gaming laptop running win 8.1 with integrated graphics + i7 @ 2.7ghz and I'm running 2x 970's and an AMD FX 6200 6 core OC @ 4.13GHZ on Win ...

bilago by Level 2
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Oculus + Leap Motion + Unity

Hello All,We are trying to use the Oculus with Unity Pro and the Leap Motion and are currently running using the "Unity Pro VR Asset v2.2.2.2469" found here: https://developer.leapmotion.com/downloads/unity?ref=vr We can run the Oculus on Unity Pro, ...

Double Graphic Cards?

Hi Everyone.I was hoping to use 2 Rift glasses in the same game. So it requires 2 independent graphic card, doesn't it?I don't know whether DK1 could detect different cards so there can be 2 players in my game.Does anyone can give me some help? I'll ...