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Native android apps in Unity scene

Hello everyone, I'm new to Unity, VR and 3D development.Using the command adb shell setprop debug.layout true (Show layout bounds) I noticed that standard android applications are built into the Unity 3D environment.Are there any examples or tutorial...

Minor fixes for the Oculus Integration 28

Here are a couple of issues that have been floating around for a while. It would be great to not have to apply these patches every time I upgrade the Oculus Integration. It would also be great if there was a way to do pull requests on the integration...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Right Eye problem

I'm a bit new to programming with VR but I got head tracking and hand tracking setup, with that said the right eye seems to be creating an infinite amount of the objects in the scene and are moving in one direction as a blue blob.

AR Passthrough sample scenes in Unity

Hey, the new sample scenes with passthrough AR do not seem to work on my Quest 2. I've built them from a clean project on unity 2020.3.4f1 but I just can't get the passthrough overlay/underlay on my build. Any help appreciated. Did yall manage to run...

Resolved! Bones list is empty

Hi Folks, Two questions:1. My list of bones is always empty. I have an OVRhandprefab stored in a variable called skeleton. But when I call skeleton.Bones in my start method it always has a count of zero. So, I can't get a list of anything. (this is f...

Cloud Storage 2 in Unity Editor

I'm currently trying to test the Cloud Storage 2 platform service in a Unity app. Currently when using CloudStorage2.GetUserDirectoryPath()While in running in the Unity Editor play mode/Oculus Link I get no output, the function never returns anything...

JGriers by Level 2
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Custom Avatar Issues

I am using Unity 2020.1.0f1 and Oculus 1.4 and Oculus Integration 18. However, I have had these same issues in older versions as well. I have set up the App ID and everything included in the Oculus documentation.First, the AvatarGallery sample scene ...

v31 OVRPlugin

Hi,I'm a little bit confused about v31 SDK update. Currently, I'm using OVRPlugin in Unity from the integration package, but I will have to move to Oculus XR and OpenXR which is fine. What about the v31 platform SDK? Will it be available in legacy OV...