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Addressables Loadpath in Quest 2

The project I am working on will use Addressables bundles as purchasable DLC.But I am not finding any information on what the Addressable loadpath should be, meaning the path the app will look for after you download it from the store. Where can I fin...

Jepplen by Level 3
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Can't get Addressables from OBB?

I still can't figure this out. I'm trying to use addressables and store them in my OBB expansion file for my quest game. Everything should be downloaded at install time, not worried about updates or DLC right now.Everything works perfectly in the edi...

Can Unity break the 2GB apk install limit?

I put my 4k 360 video in Unity and build&run in quest 2, its size is about 3GB.The problem is when I build the apk < 2GB, Unity will build and run perfectly in my quest 2, but when the apk is over 2GB, the build still can be done, but the apk will no...

SkFon by Level 2
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Editor Play only works once with Quest Link.

I've been using my Quest 2 with Quest Link for development for the last few months with no issues. However mysteriously around this week or last, (early July 2022), something has changed and now it only works the first time I hit play. Subsequent tim...

drew by Level 3
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Help with integrating party travel to app

Hi! Developing an app that needs to have the party travel feature integrated. I know that Oculus Party works within Horizon, but there is another party feature once you logon to the Oculus and I need to know how to make that work with my app which is...

Meta avatar 2 multiplayer

Hello everyone. I'm trying to use the new meta avatars in multiplayer but I struggle with implementation. I tried with Photon Pun 2 and the sample scene "network loopback" but I'm unable to achieve proper networking. Has anyone achieved multiplayer w...

Unity 2021.3.2 Vulkan not working.

Updated to Unity 2021.3.2 and the Oculus v39 intergration package and now Vulkan does not load. App just loads a black screen and then crashes. Switching over to OpenGLES3 and it works just fine. Here's the adb logcat of the crash: 05-12 16:20:14.325...

RayCasting From VR Camera In Unity

I am currently trying to figure out how to raycast from the VR Camera (meaning that it cast from where the player is looking with the headset). Has anyone done this in Unity yet? Or can some help tell me how to access the head tracking information to...

Xzapo by Level 2
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Hand Tracking V2 Stopped Working

I am using the Oculus Integration SDK for unity (version 38.0), and a couple of months ago I added this line to my manifest file: which is supposed to enable the improvement of the tracking. The tracing was actually improved for some time and now tur...