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Resolved! Achievement Completion Percentage

I see this in many games: achievements that are still locked and are count based often display a completion rate, like you have to kill/collect 50 of something, and your count is 20, it displays 40%. When I configure achievements for my App Lab game,...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus VR Keyboard Overlay Events in Unity

Hi All, We are developing Oculus Quest application in Unity with Oculus VR Keyboard Overlay. I need some details about VR Keyboard overlay events for mentioned buttons in image. What is the different between them and How can we use those events in Un...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sampling Shared Microphone for existing party

Hi there, I was wondering/hoping that this would be possible to do. We need to record the microphone of the user when they are already in a system party. I have looked into this using the Platform SDK, but that would require a connection to be establ...

universal render pipline

hej, when will the oculus team provide a set of UniversalRenderPipline shaders in the oculus integration?I would like to know if it is planned at all before I dig into converting them myself. thx, /martin.OvrAvatar.cs:public Shader Monochrome_Surface...

VRC TestAppShouldQuit fails erroneously

The VRC check fails with this log:'''Starting TestAppShouldQuitWaiting for the application to run for 5 seconds before testing begins...Starting test...Sending a request to quit...Failed to receive a call for ovr_Destroy on attempt to quit in 30 seco...

Failing VRC.PCInput

Hello all,I'm trying to pass my Oculus Rift App Technical Review submission and failing three benchmarks because my build doesn't pause frames and audio when the headset is removed and the DASH menu comes up. I've looked extensively online for a solu...

Oculus home button - controllers spawn on face

I'm developing a VR app for Oculus Quest, and I'm noticing strange behavior when hitting the Oculus home button on the right controller. The app slows down significantly, it almost seems like a second camera is created, and both controller models spa...

CNevan by Level 4
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