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ECS doesn't work on the GO

I started a new project for the oculus go with the new DOTS, to my surprise, the app crashed when launched to the point I had to turn off and on the device every time. First I thought it was something with the optimization configuration, but after se...

juanphm by Level 4
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Must call get_signature first

I'm trying to use Oculus Avatar SDK on the Oculus Quest 2 with Unity. When I try to get the Platform User ID, I get the following error:"Must call get_signature first"I cannot find in the documentation what is the proper way to configure it in order ...

Unable to list connected devices.

I'm new to VR development and I have no idea how to setup up the oculus quest 2. I was following a tutorial and I got stuck with these errors. any advice on how to set up unity would be great thanksERROR Unable to list connected devices. ADB server v...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Multi-App blending

I am working on a training simulation app using my own out the window IG (image generator - the terrain and buildings) separate from the cockpit. Currently, I am using the windows desktop duplication API to grab the IG and bring it into unity. Varjo ...

manipulation of a character's bones

I would love to have fun creating poses for my favorite characters by manipulating the bones, in a nutshell I would like to do that with the oculus controller if I approach the arm and press a button, move it or rotate it, what can I do?

Oculus Avatar always shows rift controllers

I'm using Oculus Integration v16 from the Unity Asset Store along with my Quest over Oculus Link and the Oculus Avatar LocalAvatar prefab always renders the controllers as the old style rift controllers and not the new style Rift S/Quest controllers....

Enabling numerous lights on Quest 2 with Unity

I've researched this for hours and hours, but there is SO MUCH information. I'm just trying to answer a simple question. How can I have numerous lights (50 in the view frustum) on Quest 2 using Unity, but without abandoning the efficiency of tiled re...

AsyncGPUReadbackRequest not working?

Hi, It seems that AsyncGPUReadback is not working for the Oculus Quest 2. I have an application in which it works when I test on my pc, but nothing happens when on the Quest. Has anyone else encountered this problem or knows a workaround?

How To Preview Play

I'm setup with the Quest 2 in Unity 2019.4.18f1. I can assemble and scene, go to build settings, build and run and it will build to my oculus and I can play what I made.However this is slow, can't I used the normal Play button to do a preview instead...

Forcing Orientation After Teleport

Hello,I'm building a Scene in Unity (2019.4), using Oculus Integration v23.1.0. I have a set of teleport destinations, and I'd like to customize the orientation of the user after teleporting to any of these points so they'll be facing a certain direc...

nathim by Level 2
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OpenXR errors

So today is the first day in trying to port the Traffic Cop game onto the Quest 2. I have grabbed the oculus integration assets and changed around a few settings. In order to get a successful build, I need to fix these errors. The errors are detailed...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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