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Recommended Unity Stack for VR?

I'm starting a new project and want to know if there is a recommended stack for VR development?I'm thinking 2019.4 LTS with standard (legacy) renderer and Oculus integration. Does that sound right?Not sure any of the scriptable render pipelines or th...

physto by Level 3
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Hands and controllers are PINK

Hi,Using Unity 2018 and the VR Lightweight Pipeline.Controllers and hands are PINK, how to change its material to the lightweight shaders? They only appear in Run Time and there is no material that can be tweaked.Thanks for your help.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Link + Hand Tracking limitations?

Are there any hardware (or any at all) limitations that would prevent hand tracking from working in Oculus Link through the Unity editor?I've been using it for a month or two now, but a teammate of mine with a very similar machine/setup is unable to ...

DllNotFoundException: OculusXRPlugin

I'm have a problem on running my game right from Unity on my linked Oculus Quest.When I'm hitting the Play-Button I get the following Error:DllNotFoundException: OculusXRPluginUnity.XR.Oculus.OculusLoader.Initialize () (at Library/PackageCache/com.un...

Remap Toush buttons/trigger to "Fire1"

Anyone know how to easy convert the touch trigger to "Fire1" (Left mouse button) Default in the SDK, button.ONE on the toush controller is lunching my projectile using old script with "Fire1" (Left mouse button)if (Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1")) {Is t...

Enmark by Level 5
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HDRP + Anti Aliasing

I'm experiencing a bit of anti aliasing using HDRP 7.1.8 in Unity 2019.3 7f1. The scene looks great when I play it using the fps controller, but as soon as I switch to the Oculus I get a ton of flicker and jagged edges. I could use some advice on the...

More then one OVR cameraRig

Hello All,i´m trying to develop a VR based multiplayer app. i'm using Oculus quest and PUN2 for this.mz question is: is it possible to implement more than one OVRCameraRigs in oculus quest?the app is working perfectly with single player but hands are...

OVRInput updates killing performance

I recently updated our Oculus plugin to the latest version, but since the update I get a really important performance issue with OVRInput.It seem that this issue was already existing before (some of our players was running the game throught SteamVR f...

KospY by Level 2
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OVRP_1_1_0.ovrp_GetNativeSDKVersion() returns null

So I am trying to upload to the alpha channel but keep getting the error, "Oculus SDK not found or older than 1.0." I have made some headway on this issue and have discovered that, in OVRPlugin.cs, OVRP_1_1_0.ovrp_GetNativeSDKVersion() is returning n...

CNevan by Level 4
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Oculus SDK not found or older than 1.0

So I have been trying to upload my app to the alpha channel, but every time it gets close to finishing I get this error: Oculus SDK not found or older than 1.0. However, in Unity it says the Oculus SDK version is 1.51. Is there a way to delete the co...

CNevan by Level 4
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Help! Can't debug on Oculus Quest

Hi, I have spent the past couple of hours trying to configure my quest to play around with VR development. I am following a tutorial by valem on youtube and when I try to build and run in unity I get this error message. I know for a fact that I have ...

Center to boundary center instead of HMD center

I need to make sure the center of the boundary is at the center of my scene, but if the player recenters their boundary then the entire thing shifts. Is there a way to make sure the center of the boundary is always at the center of my scene?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Getting accurate timestamps for rotation data

Hello,I'm developing an app for Oculus Go using Unity 2019.1.12f1, the Oculus Unity Integration v16.0, and VRTK v3.3.I want to save the rotation of the headset regularly to plot on a graph later. So, for each rotation value, I need to get the most ac...

ZacSVR by Level 2
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Oculus Integration Game Window Problems

I am having some problems with the Oculus Integration package, and it hijacking the Game window when playing in UnityIf I add a camera to the scene, and set it to Display 1, and the Game window to Display 1, the Game window is then hijacked when pres...

Resolved! In game photo booth?

Is it possible via Unity script to trigger the Oculus save screenshot function so the player can save pictures with an in game button? Ideally the saved image will be from a separate pre-framed camera.

Compiling Oculus integration to WebGL

Hi, we're currenly working on a VR product and we want to build this also to WebGL and Windows (both Vr not included). In our assets we have the latest Oculus integration but on WebGL we get the error: How can we make a build to WebGL without deletin...

Hands/controllers showing up but not moving

So I have hand tracking basically working in the main menu of my app - the hands show up, track nicely, I can switch back and forth between hands and controllers in the main menu. Transitioning into a level works as well, and I can switch between han...

CNevan by Level 4
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Oculus Avatar Remote Lip Sync

Oculus Avatar Remote Lip Sync does not work. I am using a photovoice2.Local is good. The problem that I went through in the past came again. Is there a workaround? Please explain a bit concisely.If you send the sound data to the Volume Amplitude in O...