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Resolved! In game photo booth?

Is it possible via Unity script to trigger the Oculus save screenshot function so the player can save pictures with an in game button? Ideally the saved image will be from a separate pre-framed camera.

Compiling Oculus integration to WebGL

Hi, we're currenly working on a VR product and we want to build this also to WebGL and Windows (both Vr not included). In our assets we have the latest Oculus integration but on WebGL we get the error: How can we make a build to WebGL without deletin...

Hands/controllers showing up but not moving

So I have hand tracking basically working in the main menu of my app - the hands show up, track nicely, I can switch back and forth between hands and controllers in the main menu. Transitioning into a level works as well, and I can switch between han...

CNevan by Level 4
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Oculus Avatar Remote Lip Sync

Oculus Avatar Remote Lip Sync does not work. I am using a photovoice2.Local is good. The problem that I went through in the past came again. Is there a workaround? Please explain a bit concisely.If you send the sound data to the Volume Amplitude in O...

Oculus Integration for Unity - 1.32.1 (01/22/19)

The latest version of our Oculus Integration for Unity can always be found on the Unity Asset Store. More information about this release can be found here.Due to compatibility issues we do not recommend using the any 2018.3.x versions of the Unity Ed...

mouse_bear by Community Manager
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Unity Oculus Go: Issue only in right eye

Hi, I recently experienced a weird issue in the Unity Editor.My project involves many scenes, and some scenes take a few seconds to load. However, I noticed that after loading a new scene, there always is a weird flickering in the right eye only, and...

X-Value of skeleton Handtracking Oculus Quest

Hey,I have a pretty basic questions regarding working with Oculus Quest Handtracking.Which method of the OVRSekleton Script can i use to return the x-coordinate of the index finger?Basically I want to change a game parameter with that value....I coul...

nasty Specular of Oculus Avatar Shader

I want to get rid of the nasty Specular of Oculus Avatar Shader.My content is a bit dark(sometimes no light), but Oculus Avatar has s strange and sharp specular.Shader "OvrAvatar/Avatar_PC_SingleComponent"I am developing with rift, so it seems to be ...

Opening Oculus Dash with Desktop from Game

In our games, we sometimes need players to interact with the desktop (e.g. after opening a Website in the OS browser to let the player interact with privacy settings only available via a Web interface). With SteamVR, we can open the in-VR dashboard w...

jashan by Level 4
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Clean ways to group oculus inputs together

For game development I am using a number of button inputs to represent one input. The issue with this in code is that it obviously isn't the cleanest way to write out if statements with ovr input + over input etc.Can anyone offer a direction or solut...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Unity Optimization noob

So I'm developing a Commodore 64 VR app for the Quest, for example:https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/heggol/progress_update_on_my_commodore_64_virtual/But I'm finding it quite the challenge to hunt down consistent optimization information...

Force runtime poses on Hand Tracking with Quest

Hello, I am programming in Unity for Oculus Quest and I am trying to overlay some hand gestures over the tracked hands. By overlay I mean force the finger bones to be in a certain pose during update, so momentarily stopping finger tracking (or at lea...

shadow is not visible in oculus quest.

Hi , i'm trying to build from unity to oculus quest. I have couple of problems :1. when build and run on oculus , there's no shadow . It's just simple scene with couple of objects. I can see the shadow in unity, but when run inside oculus , the shado...