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Disabling er... "Body height" awareness???

Probably stupid question, but I want to disable the fact that my app knows how high we are. I want to be able to let the player "walk" when they are seated (and not crawl about on their knees) and sit when they activate chairs, and... oh I dunno.. li...

XR integration steps for Oculus/Unity 2019

My XR integration toolkit for Oculus/Unity 2019 has stalled out. I ran into a wall in the Build platform for Android stage. Any advice much appreciated in how to get past this roadblock.Instructions from Unity:Install Android Tools ManuallyIf you’re ...

Galaxy Forces VR - Source

Just wanted to make an announcement that this Rift (and Steam) game Unity source code is now available to learn from as Public Domain.The game has passed the Technical, Content and Publishing reviews for the Oculus store and is released there and on ...

Hand Tracking Teleport

Hi, When using the hand tracking to select and object similar to the train example, selecting the windmills, is there a way to make the selection point to be larger? i.e. If I have a huge game object to select, I have to set my raycast cursor towards...

Moving OVRController with a moving platform

Been struggling to figure out how to attach the OVRPlayerController to a moving platform so that that tracking space moves with the platform. When I try and just parent the OVRPlayerController, or manually move the controller get really odd results.A...

olas72 by Level 2
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Seams on equirect OVROverlay

We are using OVROverlay with Equirect shapeWe found that rendering result has seams: Our environment is Unity 2017.3.1f / OculusUtilities 1.24Sample project: https://github.com/sycx/OverlaySeam

sycx by Level 3
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Quest+Link OVRManager.boundary problem

The OVRManager.boundary object is not getting configured and outputs useless information.Unity version: 2019.3.0f6Oculus Integration version: 13.0 (Feb 7th 2020)Oculus Android Package: 2.38.6Oculus Desktop Package: 2.38.4Not using any of the new/lega...

360 video urls

I'm trying to watch a 360 RTSP video on Quest.I use the plug-in AVProVideo on Unity. First, i got an error from AVProVideo about the resolution of the video and thus i reduced it at 320X160@30 (I mention that because I don't know if it plays any role...

OcMy by Level 2
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Avatar Hands not showing in Built Game

Hello Guys,first of all i am using Unity 2020.1.13f1 with the Oculus XR Plugin Version 1.5.0.I'm having issues with the Local Avatar Hands. When starting the game in the Unity editor everything is fine. But in the built version of the game the hand m...

Scene loading speed

We are having issues with the loading speed of applications at this time. Using Unity's async load functionality we are able to smoothly load data-heavy scenes without performance issues, but the load times are extremely long. In the past when develo...

Graphic Settings not Starting with The App Start

Hi,I am fighting with this for a week.When starting the game on Quest 1 it doesn't activate Anti-aliasing, but changing focus and coming back to the app fixes it (going to the main menu and then resuming the game).For oculus quest 2 is even worse, be...

aghko by Level 3
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Virtual Reality SDK Oculus failed to initialize.

Hello, as you have seen in the title I'm having problems to Initialize the Oculus Rift SDK in Unity. I'm working in an app for samsung Gear VR.the versions I'm using are these:Unity 2017.3.1f1 ovr_unity_utilities_1.24.0OVRPlatformSDK_v1.24.0ovr_avata...

Looking for OVRGraber/OVRGrabbable advanced tutorial

I am trying to find out how to work with grabbing objects in the Quest and the basic stuff works fine. I can pick up things and drop them again.Now I want to understand how grabpoints and offsets work. The scripting guide on the developer page does n...

jboss by Level 3
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Is there any tutorial to make FPS game

I wanna make a simple FPS game following Onward or pavlovespecially, in the player sight, the player can see only his hand not arms.but in the other player sight, they can see other player's whole avatar.how can i make like this???

Camera Far Clipping Plane Issues Resurfacing.

I seem to be having problems with my current project and the solutions posted before either aren't working or aren't available. Setting the far clipping plane on my cameras has no effect. Previous solutions were to apply the changes to the prefab. Th...

OVR Plugin Updater - Errors

1. Looks like the OVR Plugin Updater feature in the new Oculus Utilities 1.14.0 works upon loading up the Unity editor (5.6.0p3), but fails when you actually import the Utilities package into the editor. Maybe that's not the right conclusion but that...

drash by Level 7
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How can I detect different hand gestures?

Hi,So I'd like to detect different hand gestures. I'm using OVRHandPrefab and there is a script OVRHand on that prefab. Inside I can see thee is a reference to OVRPlugin.HandState. If I look at the hand state it's a struct:public struct HandState { p...