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Resolved! Aling the virtual room with world position

Hi everyone, i saw on other post a lot of tries on alinging the virtual room with the wold position, and i think I almost got it. I coudld do it on the last version of oculus integration, but i cant do it with the new one.My way to aling the room was...

Shavier by Level 3
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Matchmaking error from Matchmaking.StartMatch

{"error":{"message":"There is no active match associated with the room 1,362,581,287,493,862.","type":"OCApiException","code":100,"error_data":{},"error_subcode":1891323,"fbtrace_id":"ASbZIyEAZcFY6N-8_pgFxpb"}}I'm trying to implement matchmaking. I h...

mmgoss by Level 2
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after build project UIHelpers doesn't work

Hi everyone, every time I work with oculus integration I have some problems. in particular, it has been a while since one in five scenes have problems with the laser pointer. if I run the scene inside the editor everything works, but if I build the p...

Argan93 by Level 2
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XR Plugin cause Pico Crash

Hi, We are developping VR application to work as well with Oculus Quest 2 and Pico G2 4K Series. At this point, we have installed (uncheck) the Oculus XR plug-in and the PicoXR Plug-in in the Plug-in Management. When we tick only the Oculus XR plug-i...

Koalazz by Level 2
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film making with unity

Hi!I'm an animation student and Im working on a vr short.I am doing cassic animation with some 3D elements as the BG. I want to use the oculus while putting everything together and not go back and forth putting on the headset to see how it looks then...

Problem with moving to new position

Hello,I ve wrote first on the Unity forums and someone from Unity said that I should write here, because it's probably an integration of the plugin problem.I have a problem with Unity 2019.4.9f1, latest Oculus integration and Oculus Quest 1 with hand...

Resolved! Help me build my Unity app

Hello.I am a student developing content in Unity using oculus quest.When I build with oculus on Unity, the location of the app cannot be found unless I plug in a computer and a wire.Is it possible to run the app without connecting the wire by putting...

raycast on player controller hands not working

So I set up a script on each hand (OVRPlayerController>OVRCameraRig>TrackingSpace>Left-/RightHandAnchor) with a raycast and a line renderer showing that raycast so that you can click objects in the scene.It works find for the most part, except that i...

Objects with multiple materials flicker

There is a strange bug where objects with multiple materials cause textures to Flicker. This only happens on the Oculus Quest 1 & 2, and only with objects with multiple materials. Object with one material work fine. When I ran same app with the Unity...

screen_scene.jpg overall.jpg

What is the good pc spec for VR development?

Hi, @yolan What is the good pc spec for VR development?software: UnityHardware: Oculus Quest 2 I’m considering buying GIGABYTE RX 6700 XT Gaming OC video card and I am wondering NVIDIA card is better than AMD for Unity development for VR.I have 1060 ...

Kijimu7 by Level 3
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App Spacewarp particles glitch

I followed the doc: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-asw/ and everything works well except for the Particle Systems, vid: https://imgur.com/a/NoPw0pV I just added a particle system to the sample scene, and changed the mesh to cu...

VOIP dont work ONLY on Quest2?!

How i set up a VOIP System on the right way for quest2 online Games? We build our custom one via Disonance and its works totally fine on:PC VR (exe) PC (Desktop exe) Sideloaded Quest2 APK Only at the official dev build on Release Chanel Alpha it does...

Entitlement check

Hello, Is there anyone out there who can walk me through setting up the entitlement check in Unity for my applab game. I have the OVR entitlement script, but can't seem to make it work.

Resolved! Controllers disable immediately when put down.

As soon as I put down the controllers, they disable themselves almost instantly. How do I turn this off, or at least bump this value up to a reasonable time? This actually makes it very difficult to debug sometimes. Here is a video of the controllers...

Local Avatar showing wrong controller

Hey, I'm using the Local Avatar component in my project (for Quest 2), and when I check "start with controllers" it shows the black ones (Rift I believe) instead of the Quest 2 controllers. I can't seem to find any way to change them, the Quest 2 con...