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Add physics to hands

Hi all!I'm using the latest version of Oculus plug-in and Oculus version.I've found tutorial on how to add interaction with hand, by pinching, for example. I checked for the "HandInteractionTrainScene" scene and it works fine.But, I can only interact...

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Unity - OVRPlayerController Issue

Hi there! I'm new to Unity and VR development and having an issue with the OVRPlayerController. I have a door set up and if I'm not in the center of my play space, I snag the edge of the door frame and can't pass through. Also, if I'm at the very edg...

Custom hand pose workflow?

Trying to use custom hand poses for holding different items. Here's my current workflow for creating poses:In Oculus Link, play scene and pauseDuplicate hand GameObjectAdd a Pose Edit Helper componentAdjust transforms until happySave as prefabI know ...

Weitin by Level 4
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Obtaining head tracking information

Hello,I am trying to record head tracking info such as orientation, velocity and acceleration of headset when moving head side to side. Anyone know how to obtain these records in Unity? I'd like to output these values to a cvs for analysis. Thank you

Detecting and Switching Handedness

In our game, we're trying to detect and switch the handedness. I've found the basic information on the calls to get the information for which hand is set in the profile, but I can't find any more information on it. We're having an issue where I detec...

Teleport Locomotion with only NavMesh

I'm trying to use the TeleportTargetHandlerNavMesh component from the Locomotion example in order to allow teleporting only to valid points on the NavMesh. I have a NavMesh generated, but the targeting still only seems to want to work against collide...

Unity text on Oculus GO

I'm developing on the Oculus GO in unity and the text in my scene appears either blurry or jittery. I'm using Unity's text mesh pro, msaa anti-aliasing at 8x sampling. Screen space anti-aliasing just makes everything look blurry. I just notice that t...

floor level incorrect

Hi, I'm developing a space game but my floor level is not correct I become like 20 cm longer in the game and the controllers are unable to pick up objects that are on the floorI am using the quest, unity 2019.2.12f1 and I am using version 12.0

Pointing with CustomHand while near Physical UI

Hello.  I am trying to create a physical UI and want to make my hand automatically go into the pointing position where a rigidbody is added. I see that when the "Flex" parameter from the animator is 1.0f and the others are not affected, the hand can...

SolveH by Level 2
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360 Content on the Overlay Layer

Note to all developers looking to use the overlay layer to render 360 content. There are issues within the Oculus overlay implementation which makes 360 content not a viable option. The overlay layer is rendering straight to the eyebuffer(screen) and...

Oculus Quest controller animations

Hi, I was wondering if there exists controller animations for Oculus Quest to be used in Unity? Similar to the Rift touch controllers? So that I could visually see when a button/trigger is pressed for example. I can find the quest model but it seems ...

RegiDes by Level 2
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Oculus Controllers not working [Solved]

I'm currently making a project using Unity on a Oculus Quest and I seem to be having problems with the controller inputs. I tried using the OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.Three) as per Unity documentation and there seems to be a bug when I use the ...

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Debugging with Unity and the Quest

Does the Quest connect to Unity for debugging via the USB cable? Or do you have to create the build and load it onto the Quest for testing. I found how to connect Unity with the Rift, but have not seen any info on doing this with the Quest.

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Url path to Oculus GO

Building an VR/360 player app where I want the videos to be played from a local map on Oculus Go, having an hard time trying to find the right path. Let¨s say I drop the videos on Oculus Go video map. What would the url for unity video player be?Than...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OVR Overlay Via Render Texture Placement Issues

Unity Version 2019.1.7f1Hello,I've been looking into getting a better looking UI as an interface, currently using a World space canvas and UGUI Images, but it appears to have a decent amount of aliasing and text on panels is blurry.Recently I've disc...

nn_dev by Level 2
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How to launch Unity app in windowed mode?

I am currently developing a game for the Oculus Go. It is a simple 2D game that only uses the mouse as input. I'm currently developing with Unity 2019.1.4f1.When I pushed one of my test builds to my Go, it opened in a Windowed mode, allowing the OS t...