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How to include additional files in build?

Hi,I'm trying to implement Speech Recognition in my app with CoquiSTT. To work properly, this STT needs model files with .tflite and .scorer extensions. In script, I need to have a string with path to this file. So, I need to include this file in the...

Quest 2 crash on trigger input

Unity: 2020.3.18f1 Hello, I am developing an application in Unity and running it on the Quest 2. It is initialized after Runtime with XRGeneralSettings.Instance.Manager.InitializeLoaderSync(); XRGeneralSettings.Instance.Manager.StartSubsystems();And ...

Anyway to simulate oculus in pc for testintg?

I'm currently developing an app that uses the Meta Avatars SDK and I have the problem that I don't have two oculus quest 2 to test and I need them because the meta avatars needs a userID to get the avatar, so I keep asking other people to help me wit...

New Interaction SDK hands do not update Vector 3

Hi  I am developing with the new Interaction SDK and have been trying to map the transform and rotation of the hands to other values, but they are not updated during run time and they are always at 0, 0, 0. (The older one, which is the OVRHandPrefab...

Highlight controller model

Hello, I managed to render the Oculus Quest2 model provided by https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/package/oculus-controller-art/ Now I wonder how to highlight the individual buttons, please provide some hint or tutorial. Thanks

Resolved! Failed to load OVRPlugin.dll

Hi!I've tried with clean installs of Unity 2019.4.36f1 and 2020.3.30f1, both with the same issue. Failed to load OVRPlugin.dllUnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)Unity.XR.Oculus.OculusLoader:EditorLoadOVRPlugin () (at Library/PackageCache/com.unity.xr...

Moving issues on Appliction Spacewarp

Using the application Spacewarp for oculus quest 2 is causing a "vibrating" on the hands when moving.I put the custom hand prefab on the hands anchor and when i move the controllers, the hands doesnt seems to follow the "correct" movement. When i tur...

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Resolved! Testing without wearing headset?

Hi, I have a quest 2 headset and I'm learning to make a vr project in unity, but every time I make a change and want to test it I have to* put on the headset* and set up guardian boundaries again because it lost the guardian* and go back into oculus ...

Seeking assistance w\ connecting quest 2 to Unity

Hello All, I'm trying to connect my Quest 2 to Unity for test out a small VR world. Ive used prefabs from Unity and have been following tutorials from unity throughout this process. When I go to hit the "play" button in unity, it says it cannot run p...

Tru808 by Level 2
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Disable OVR Logs ?

Is there a way to disable the ovrManager and ovrAvatar 2 logs ? (other than comment line in script)it's difficult to debug with hundreds logs comming from them..

Empêcher la mise en veille automatique ?

Bonjour, Nous développons sur Unity, et notre client nous demande d'empêcher la mise en veille du casque.Le soucis est que même en mettant quelque chose sur le capteur frontal il se met quand même en veille au bout de quelques minutes (15 minutes max...

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Object is disappearance

I made VR which exist 2 balls and 1 spear. But when build and run in oqulus, these oblect are rising and disappearance.Please teace me why happen. I'm so sorry, my English is not good.

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