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VRC Validation - Unity 2017

I believe I'm running into some of the same problems @RobAC94 was having. Since 1.21 runtime hasn't been released yet, I'll assume that TestSDKVersion isn't going to be a problem. I'm using Unity 2017.2.0f3, and the test shows Engine Version at 0.0.0...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What is the product name for Oculus go?

I'm just trying to do the controller check but i'm not sure what string to put for this. I currently have a bunch of or statements with goController, Oculus Go, Oculus_Go, and OculusGo. Not even sure one of those is right, can't find it listed anywhe...

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Correct Way To Detect The Hardware

I'm trying to make my game automatically switch to OVR mode when the Hardware is detected but I'm unsure as to how to do that correctly?I have tried doing this:if (OVRDevice.IsHMDPresent())But it seems to be true even when the headset is unplugged, I...

sh0v0r by Level 3
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Record OVR Camera Rig as animation

Hi,I am wondering if there is a way to record the OVR Camera Rig (head and the two touch) as an animation.What I am trying to do is record the OVR Camera rig and use that record applied in a different scene to animate a new camera rig disabling oculu...

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How to everything?

Hi there,I've been trying for several days to connect my DK2 with Unity, so to be able to see my vr projects, while be in edit mode (not have to build it).So far, I've achieved to connect the DK2 on my Mac and see the test-desk scene (utility app). H...

Oculus Go + Network

Hi Everyone,I'm working on a server-client application. There is one server on LAN with multiple clients. The server is a Windows based PC, the clients are Oculus Go-s.The functionality is not so complex, the server sends commands, the clients execut...

Banding in low-light scenes

Hi,I'm experimenting with some low-light situations and I'm getting terrible banding:There is this article for improving banding issues, but I'm failing to implement the solution:https://developer.oculus.com/blog/tech-note-removing-dark-scene-color-b...

tbkuno by Level 3
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Setting folder Permissions for the Oculus Go

I have an app that runs videos off of the local Movies folder, which works on the phone version, but I'm currently porting it over to the Oculus Go. I need to allow this app to access the Movies folder and play the videos, and right now it's finding ...

Mirror Finger/Hand Movement

Hello there,I am currently working on a program, that´s supposed to support normal therapy for people with nerve lesions. For that I created a program with different funtcions. The last phase is supposed to show both hands to the user, but while flex...

Lagonas by Level 2
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Unity build.exe for cv1 not work.

Hi guys.I already used unity builded files in cv1 without any problem.but from yesterday a strange problem found.none of my builded unity files.exe not work in VR mode.1) I turned On the "Unknown Source" already but not work.2) I checked the _data fo...

hmd by Level 2
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Upgrading Oculus Utilities from 1.22 to 1.30

@imperativity Hello there!I have some issues with my old Oculus integration and I want to upgrade to the newest version via the unity asset store. I already tested the new integration in a clean project and realised that the folder structure seems to...

Mobile VR + Speech recognition - short freeze

Hi all,I have a problem with speech recognition in Mobile VR (Gear VR)When using in Mobile VR, the speech recognition is doing lag for 1 - 2 seconds, but it is killing whole VR experience. See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF9ayeKSn2A&f...

Perspective & Distance Distortion Problem

It looks like we might have a serious issue with perspective and distance distortion in our Oculus Rift game (Unity).The feeling of "VR" is lacking and I think it might because the scale of our objects (in game cockpit) is set to 0.1 instead of 1.I'm...

Oculus Integration 1.31.0

We've run into an issue with Oculus Integration 1.32.0, and we'd like to try version 1.31.0. However, older versions of the full integration are not available through the Asset Store or the Oculus developer web site (which would be very handy, BTW).D...