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Triggers on LocalAvatar fingers are not detected

Unity v2017.3.1f1, Oculus Utilities v1.25.1, OVRPlugin v1.25.0, SDK v1.30.0.Hi, I've created trigger capsule colliders on the finger tip (hands:b_l_index3), but it is not detected when entering a trigger. This works fine on any colliders not on the h...

Resolved! Oculus Go:UDPClient is not working.

Dear community, I attempted to receive UDP packets using the following code.However, the following exceptions are occurring when I launch the application on oculus go.Is there anyone in the same situation?Please tell me the solution.Unity 2018.1.8f1E...

GearVR - entitlement check not running

Hi,I can't seem to run that entitlement check which I need to release to the oculus store. In unity I used this sample code from the documentation. I attached that to a gameobject in my starting scene. The App Id is set in the Oculus Platform Dialog....

Clearing / Resetting Achievements

Working on a Rift game, but having a bug where I'm able to unlock achievements just fine, but other computers are not able to. Has anyone dealt with this before? Any suggestions on how I can reset the achievements on my machine so I can retest them t...

Separate unity package downloads please

Looks like as of the latest integration you can only download via the asset store and everything is included. Is there any place we can download just the separate packs like it was before? really annoying to sort out all the things i dont need

MikeF by Level 10
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Integrating OVROverlay with external Unity Plugin

I have an Oculus Go application in Unity 2017.4.1f1 that is using a custom Android plugin to playback video. In my current setup, the Android plugin is creating its own OpenGL context that is shared with the Unity context. I create textures in the pl...

Unity VR Throwing issue

So, for the past couple of days, I've been trying to add a velocity from the GetLocalControllerVelocity() method in the OculusSDK to a cube in order to Throw it. It works fine when turning around in the physical world, and throws in the right directi...

Oculus Avatars in Unity - Poor performance

We're working on a 21 player app in Unity 2018.2.4f1. We've implemented Oculus Avatar SDK 1.26.The Avatar's performance however made the app's frame rate unbearable with more than four in one multiplayer room while running on an Oculus Go.Upon inspec...

OVR Overlay causes crash on Oculus Go

*EDIT: Posted in wrong section. I have reposted this under the Unity section insteadI'm trying to implement a cubemap viewer using the OVR Overlay component in Unity 2018.2. The cubemaps have been taken from a unity scene which is too heavy to render...

Unity _CameraDepthTexture access on Oculus GO

Does anyone know hot to get the Unity _CameraDepthTexture working on Go?I'm setting up the camera correctly (GetComponent().depthTextureMode |= DepthTextureMode.Depth ) and everything looks good on PC / in rift, but on go the depth texture appears to...

Left handedness not appearing

I'm working in a game right now, and the oculus build test sent us this as an issue:When switching handedness from Right to Left, the GO controller in game disappears. When this occurs the controller is still functional. Just the actual control graph...

Reiner6 by Level 2
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OculusGo goes to sleep about every 30 seconds

Hi Guys!After some research I made on the forum. I notice that OculusGo does not support a way to disable sleep mode (if there's any update please let me know, I'd appreciate it)I can live with that fact, but is there anyway to extend the sleep mode ...

Development on MacOS High Sierra

I recently updated to MacOS High Sierra, and now I'm getting lots of errors trying to run a gearvr app in Unity. I'm using the latest Utilities / OVRPlatform plugins.Couldn't open Assets/OVR/Plugins/1.18.1/OSXUniversal/OVRPlugin.bundle/Contents/MacOS...

OvrPlugin.ipd doesn't work on gear vr

Hey guys,From Unity, it seems that the parameters "Stereo Separation" and Stereo Convergence" don't affect anythings. At least I didn't find the code that change any proprieties in the platform libs.I tried to use OvrPlugin.ipd but it's doesn't work,...