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Resolved! Missing - set a test token

Hi, I've got issue finding the token field as described below. In Unity editor, I can see "Oculus Platform" menu, but it includes only "Edit Settings" (not Platform Settings), and there is no Token field anywhere. What did I do wrong?"Gear VR only - ...

ki7a by Level 3
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Validation Questions

Hi everyone,I've been using VRC Validator to test the latest builds of my company's game before we submit it in a few weeks' time, but there are a few tests we're failing that we can't find solutions for. Specifically:1. TestSDKVersion: We'r...

RobAC94 by Level 2
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Add raycast to oculus rift Avatar SDK

Could someone provide a good tutorial to add laser pointers ( ray cast ) to Oculus touch controller in Oculus rift ? I have found one simple project for Gaze but for Oculus Avatar SDK example where they demonstrate how to use hands with touch if I wa...

Unity 5.1 FPS Controller Question

I have the new VR Supported Mode working now and removed all OVR Prefabs in place of Unity FPS controller, but one strange thing I just noticed.The OVR FPS controller would use your head forward facing position when you walk or "Sprint" forward so yo...

GetDown events

Ok, so first off I know that there is an internal ticket for this issue already, but I'd like to share some of my findings on the matter. The GetDown call inside of the OVRRestOrientation script is somehow working, although not in all of my scenes, w...

BUG: OVRInput.GetConnectedControllers()

When i check the connected controllers with OVRInput.GetConnectedControllers();it returns LTrackedRemote, TouchPad and GamepadBut i only have the gearvr and the Remote connected, no gamepad.This prevents distinguishing which controller is currently a...

Unity - Gear VR : UI Selection - Gaze Input

Hello,As Unity 5 now supports Oculus Gear, I'm struggling to find much documentation and instructions on how to do certain things 'natively' within Unity - theres just a lot of conflicting documentation out there (I understand that it's a growing tec...

Implementing distance Grab with Unity 2017?

Does anyone know how to do this? There is a distance grab sample on the Oculus sample framework package, which is intended for Unity 5.5/5.6. I get compile errors when importing the latest sample framework into unity 2017. I cannot use an older versi...

tkdHayk by Level 4
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hello, i've been seeing a lot of references to GearVRController prefab and i'm not seeing it. i have the latest utilities installed. i do have OVR listed under my assets folder. Under there, Prefabs and see only: 1.Cursor-Timer 2. OVRCameraRig 3. OVR...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Seated Experience with Oculus Touch

When making a "seated in the cockpit" style game for Oculus, is there any way for us to confine the user to the "cockpit" itself?For example, imagine a simple airplane simulator game where the player is the pilot of a plane...The problem is that a pl...

Camera effects

Hi. I have a problem.I would like to know if you can add the effects of camera (Bloom, occlusion, ...) to the prefabs of OVR, since I am generating a realistic architectural model and I need them.

Seated Experience with Oculus

When making a "seated in the cockpit" style game for Oculus, is there any way for us to confine the user to the "cockpit" itself?For example, imagine a simple airplane simulator game where the player is the pilot of a plane...The problem is that a pl...

Oculus Touch vibrations does not work...

In the past few days, I have tried to implement Oculus Touch vibrations. However, neither Haptics nor SetControllerVibration responds at all. I do not know what the problem is. It's part of my code. Haptics: private void Start () { clip = new OVRHapt...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OVROverlay - simple tutorial?

I am learning OVROverlay in Unity and am looking for simple tutorials. Answer:https://forums.oculusvr.com/developer/discussion/comment/308525Edited: This post is answered, but I don't know how to remove my own post.

Headset connection issues on play

Unity v2017.2.0f3, Oculus Utilities v1.20.0, OVRPlugin v1.20.0, SDK v1.21.0.Error Message: Assertion failed: Callback unregistration failed. Callback not registered.I've been having problems with the headset disconnecting when I hit play in the Unity...

WorldSpace canvas at player location.

I'm trying to get a WorldSpace canvas to appear in front of the player when called, just like the OVRInspector in the sample framework. I cannot find anything in the code that controls where the interface appears. I've tried a simple follow script on...

LocalAvatar detaching from OVRPlayerControler

To use the local avatar I had just been dropping it into the scene Hierarchy along with the OVRPlayerControler. But yesterday afternoon the LocalAvatar became detached, so when I moved the player around the avatar would remain in the starting locatio...