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Handling Collisions with the OVRAvatar

I have the OVR Avatar set up and working in my project but I have been having some issues with buggy collisions with objects in game. For example, sometimes while approaching an object I will end up sort of "teleported" so that the player is standing...

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Player Movement with Joystick Rotation

When using the Oculus SDK OvrPlayerController prefab I have been having an interesting problem with the player rotating when I use the joystick. Basically if a player stands in place and tries to rotate the camera by using the right joystick the enti...

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Resolved! How to disable xbox input?

Hi,I'm using the OVRPlayerController for my project, and I would like disable the xbox controller input so it's not being used for locomotion. Through the Input Preferences in Unity I've already managed to assign the x and y axis input to other funct...

tbkuno by Level 3
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Dash Performance Issues

Do any of you experience severe stuttering when going from your app to dash then back to your app? Or any kind of performance issues related to launching a Unity app from dash? Our app was performing fine prior to the the 1.21 beta runtime (which I k...

360 Video Playback - Performance on Rift

Has anyone benchmarked the 2 different ways of rendering 360 video in Unity 2017.3?Method One - Set a mesh sphere with flipped normals around a camera and apply a unlit texture material to it and assign a video player component with render mode mater...

Floating point precision

Hi,i have run into an issue with large scene on our project. The size of the game would be ideally 10 000 by 10 000 units. As far as i understand it, Unity is using 7 digits for precision, meaning at 1000 units you are still getting 3 decimals for pr...

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Unity 3d SDK feedback

Decided to start a thread to post feedback on and discuss the Unity3d SDK. So far so good and it's very easy to import and use I've made one small tweak to the default camera script that I found very useful so maybe it's something you'd want to incl...

SiggiG by Level 4
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Viewing a point cloud

I am trying to view a point cloud and I can tell the range of viewing coincides with the cone shape of the OVRCameraRig. Is there a way I can extend how far I can view with this Camera. I have not been able to figure out how to change that. I want to...

GearVR app 48 - 50 fps on empty scene

Hi, I am struggling with performance and it is unable to get 60FPS for Android Gear VR app. I have empty scene and I am getting 48-50 FPS. I am using Oculus Camera rigUnity version: Unity 2017.3.0p1Quality settings is lowest, Vsync disabledTo measure...

Resolved! Missing - set a test token

Hi, I've got issue finding the token field as described below. In Unity editor, I can see "Oculus Platform" menu, but it includes only "Edit Settings" (not Platform Settings), and there is no Token field anywhere. What did I do wrong?"Gear VR only - ...

ki7a by Level 4
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Validation Questions

Hi everyone,I've been using VRC Validator to test the latest builds of my company's game before we submit it in a few weeks' time, but there are a few tests we're failing that we can't find solutions for. Specifically:1. TestSDKVersion: We'r...

RobAC94 by Level 2
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Add raycast to oculus rift Avatar SDK

Could someone provide a good tutorial to add laser pointers ( ray cast ) to Oculus touch controller in Oculus rift ? I have found one simple project for Gaze but for Oculus Avatar SDK example where they demonstrate how to use hands with touch if I wa...