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UsePerEyeCamera is not working on Unity-URP

Hi, we are trying to render stereoscopic videos in the oculus quest 2 project,using Unity3D -2020.3.27 .for that we need different cameras for each eye (UsePerEyeCamera Mode).but the oculus is rendering only the left eye camera in both eyes.is there ...

Hand tracking two hands manipulation

*Hand tracking questionsHi, does anyone know how to keep an object stay with one hand while grabbing another object?I want to keep grabbing the blue object in the video while I am holding the white object. However, the blue object falls off when I re...

Kijimu7_0-1650341938851.png Kijimu7_1-1650341959324.png
Kijimu7 by Level 3
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Wrong avatar showing

I am working through the Meta Avatars setup and running the Mirror sample app. I am testing on two devices and both are showing the avatar below. The avatar in the image looks nothing like the avatars tied to the accounts in my headsets. Can you plea...


How to solve Jump Problem?

I want my player to jump. In OVRPlayerController.cs, I commented out the following code. if (!Controller.isGrounded)MoveScale = MoveScaleFloatValue; After that I set my Gravity Modifier to 0.1, and I called the jump function from a different script u...

Resolved! OneGrab Transformer for moving the OVR camera

I'm trying to create a climbing game where you grab an object and when you move your hand the camera moves in the opposite direction (as though you were really climbing). The problem I'm facing though is that in the hierarchy for the OculusInteractio...

Oculus package breaks on GameCore platforms

Hello, Having Oculus + com.unity.xr.oculus packages breaks when switching to GameCoreXboxOne platform.Playstation and NintendoSwitch work fine.Initial proble is the main package references nonexisting namespaces on that platformAssets\Oculus\VR\Scrip...

iggi-vr by Level 2
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Cross-platform and Quest Hand Tracking support?

I've been away from Unity for a bit, so I'm sorry if this is a FAQ. In Unreal Engine, I've been able to do Hand Tracking on a Quest, yet still support non Oculus headsets like an HTC Vive or a WMR Lenovo. Using the OpenXR solution in Unity, I see I m...

Corysia by Level 5
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after build project UIHelpers doesn't work

Hi everyone, every time I work with oculus integration I have some problems. in particular, it has been a while since one in five scenes have problems with the laser pointer. if I run the scene inside the editor everything works, but if I build the p...

Argan93 by Level 2
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App lab not support hand traking only

HiI am trying to push my game inside the app lab.I get the errorOculus Touch is listed as a supported input device and users are able to Launch the application via Oculus Touch. However, users are unable to progress the application via Oculus Touch.I...


Does WebGL work for the Oculus Browser?

I tried two different WebVR demos, but they both give an error on Oculus Browser (Oculus Go, and some reported for Quest also). The demos I tried:https://de-panther.github.io/unity-webxr-export/Build/https://mixedreality.mozilla.org/unity-webxr-expor...

Quest2 controller operation issue in Unity

HI,I have a strange problem with the Quest2 controller operation.The question is that I tested "CustomHand" sample of Oculus Integration SDK. The thumb and index finger cannot be controlled, only the middle finger to the little finger can be controll...

Oculus Go Network Issue on opening Socket

Hi,I try to open a socket on my unity application but it fails.The code can run on android device or unity player but not on oculus.My code IPAddress ipAddress = this.LocalIPAddress(); IPEndPoint localEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(ipAddress, 11000); try ...

Reduce launch time

Hey there, my Unity game is taking around 10 seconds to start rendering my first scene after the splash screen. The scene is totally empty. I have very few assets in the project so far, no preloaded shaders are displayed in the settings, and I made s...

StuBro by Level 2
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Error while Unity WebGL Build time

Hi..I am trying to build a webGL VR(WebVR) application for Oculus browser with Oculus Integration SDK.But I got the error below mentioned while trying to build. Error : error CS0103: The name `Microphone' does not exist in the current contextPlease g...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Test VR app in Unity directly issue

Hi everyone, When I test my VR app.I only goto "build and Run" .Then test app in my headset.I found some VR developer video in youtube.They can test VR app in Unity directly. But, I can not do it.Am I miss something ?