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[solved] Quest hand tracking issues in sample scenes (Oculus Integration Unity Package)

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[Edit, Solved] I found the 'good' sample scenes, under /assets/oculus/sampleFramework/usage/. 

I guess everything under /assets/oculus/VR/scenes/ is old?




I ran through the "setup" for Unity & Quest, without any issues. (


However, trying out various sample scenes included with the Oculus Integration Unity package, I'm getting very mixed results when it comes to controller & hand-tracking.


"HandTest" doesn't render any hand or controller models.

"HandTest_Custom" renders hand models only when using controllers, and they are rotated 90deg from actual.

"ControllerTest" doesn't render any controller models either.


Both of these scenes require controllers to be active when launched, so that may be part of the problem, but I'm just guessing.


Any better samples or suggestions for a beginner to handtracking on Quest?


Level 4

I found a workaround.  Apparently hand tracking is broken in v.31 with OpenXR.  Switch back to VRAPI from Oculus > Tools menu and you should be good to go again.