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Can you point me to documentation on how to build and deploy UE4 project for Oculus Go?

Level 4
I have the UE4 4.19.1 Installed as well as the latest Android Studio but I'm not sure what to do next.  I've tried following the instructions for GearVR development on the Epic website but it seems it was not written with Android Studio in mind.

Level 4
Yeah no kidding. I followed the "guide" (five steps written on a napkin that Oculus calls developer documentation) I wasn't able to find any option to build or export to the go. Is it an "ANDROID" device? I dunno I gave up after an hour.

Level 7
Here's my notes for building & deploying projects on the GO in Windows10:

1. Install Unreal Engine
2. Install Android ->
- best to install in the suggested drive (or you will get write protection errors further in the process)
- I did a full install of Nvidia Codeworks
3. Install Visual Studio (C++) or you will get compile problems in Unreal
4. Install the ADB driver from Oculus
5. set the GO in developer mode
6. Connect the GO and restart
7. Open/create an Unreal mobile project. In the project settings choose 'configure the Android Manifest for deployment to GearVR'
8. If the GO is still connected (or restarted) in the top menu bar in Unreal choose: 'launch this level on... Pacific'

This should work for testing and creating your own development projects.