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Get Accepted Invite from dashboard

Level 2

We are integrating the room invites into our app and we can successfully launch the inevitable user flow and people receive invites and can accept them from the dashboard, however, upon accepting it launches our app and the LaunchDetails are empty and we don't see any additional information in the log that would indicate that this is a launch from an accepted invite. As such we cannot join the accepted invite. Right now as a workaround we use ovr_Message_GetRoomInviteNotificationArray to get all notifications and join the first one, but this is not a shippable solution.

Are we missing some documentation on how to accept these invites from the Oculus dashboard and launch the app and retrieve the information from the launch, somehow? We are reading developer-oculus-com/documentation/unreal/ps-rooms, however, this doesn't explain how to join the room when you accept the invite from the dashboard, only when you read and show the notifications in the app itself.

Is there documentation on this or would you be able to explain how we are supposed to solve this issue?

Kind regards,

Level 3

hi, that outer oculus invite menu did not work for us at all under 4.24.3.... what version do you use?
so I had to create an own menu that works, this link might help: