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How do I test my project?

Level 3
I've been playing around with an idea I've had. I'm very new to UE4 and game development of any kind. I used the first person template and have placed some 3d models, lights, sprites etc around and I just want to see what this looks like in VR. I can use the 'Play' button and 'VR Preview" which gives me nearly what I want - e.g. simple first person mode to look around but the positional tracking doesn't work at all. I thought maybe I need to build it and then positional tracking will work but I have no idea how to build a map in UE4 with VR support (or build on its own tbh).

Can anyone tell me (a newbie) how I can test this out? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

Edit: I just tried downloading the VR templates that someone put up in the UE4 community forums and the demo in that seems to have positional tracking (although loads of motion blur for some reason). Do I need to rebuild my map into that template?