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Oculus Debugger (with Unreal) setup help

Level 2

Hello, does anyone know hot to get the Debugger working with unreal projects?


I am following this guide:


And I can't seem to figure out what they mean by UE4/Projects directory 


"2. Make sure your code project is located under the UE4/Projects directory. Blueprints-only projects are not supported."


I tried putting the project in the "user/Documents/Unreal Projects" directory and also tried adding a Projects directory to the unreal root directory.  Neither of which worked. My project does not get listed like mentioned in the guide. Did anyone manage to get it working? 


Level 2

Hey, I'm having the same problem right now. Did you get it working by any chance?

Level 2

I got it detected by putting the project in UnrealEngine/Samples/Oculus.  Its not the best solution but at least i got it working... Good luck!


Thanks for your answer! I think it has to do with the UE4Games.uprojectdirs file in the engine root directory. I added the "Projects" directory there and now it works fine for me, too. Just in case at some point the debugging relies on the "UE4/Projects/<ProjectName>" directory.

Level 2

YES! Thanks, that works great. 

Just to make i clear like the documentation should:

- Open the "UE4Games.uprojectdirs" in the engine root directory and add "Projects/"

- Add the "Projects" directory in the engines root directory and copy your project there