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Performance problem came to me too early.

Level 2
Hi, I finished learning the basics of Unreal Engine for VR and started making a game for Oculus Quest. I really wanna stick with Oculus Quest because I like the idea of the standalone device and much less competition compared to the desktop VR store.

But the performance issue came to me as a bummer too early. I finished a basic weapon system and placed 50 mannequins in the game with a 'running' animation and basic UE4 mannequin mesh. And it's already unable to play.

Can someone give me some advice on the performance issue? What helped you or what can cause the problem the most in your experiences? Thanks in advance.

My current game setup
  • 50 mannequins with basic animation / UE4 starter-kit mesh
  • They're Characters (not pawn)
  • big one navigation volume
  • Using AIMoveTo (not on every tick)
  • one direction light (removing the light didn't change much)
  • Big plain space with some cube objects
  • Can shoot an arrow as a projectile and hit on enemy mesh's sockets
  • Not using ragdoll nor simulated physics

Level 4
Try to figure out if you are CPU or GPU bound. `stat unit` is usually my first go-to for this as it'll show you the frame times:

I've also found the Oculus OVR Metrics Tool to be extremely helpful in determining where the problem lies: