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UE 4.24 - whats new / improved / broken

Level 7
Maybe it could be nice to start a new thread every time a new UE version is launched so its easy to catch up for everyone.

My observations up to 4.24.0 p2;
+ cascaded shadow maps work again when using MobileMultiView (Quest). In 4.23 the shadows were broken with MMV.
+ UE added automatic instancing for mobile. You enable it by adding 'r.Mobile.SupportGPUScene=1' to the 'DefaultEngine.ini' (Quest). When analyzing your app in Renderdoc it will report the instances but in the TextureViewer the instances will be pitch black (reported to UE). Also, I noticed that the algorithm still misses some objects sometimes (I haven't found any logic yet why some are missed - reported to UE).
+ Vulkan is on par with OGL (in 4.23 I noticed a big fps drop) but the purple glitches are still present sometimes.
+ Oculus SDK will be updated to 1.40.0
- the splash screen is broken (Quest - reported and confirmed by UE).

- strikethrough: fixed in new nightly build of RenderDoc


Level 3
I'm unable to get the Oculus Go inputs to work either. Has anybody found any solution yet? I'm on UE4.24.3

Level 3
So I tried again, and couldn't get it working. I think ive worked around it now though.

Each input will send the OculusTouch_R_Click event, and it will also send a motioncontroller event afterwards.

In my playercontroller, I was reading this second event, and then assuming the motion controllers werent being used (so i turned them off), and it was all a nightmare.

So basically I now ignore the motion controller event, and it appears to work.