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Unity & Unreal - difference in support?

Level 7
Is it me or is Unity more active in doing VR and/or getting more support for making VR with Oculus?
- hand tracking code for Quest since december 2019. Eta for Unreal?
- a VR course by Oculus & Unity -
- iteration time improvements - very nice for devs -
I would love to see all these coming for Unreal as well.

Level 8

No, it's not you. It's how things are. UE4 is a second class citizen when it comes to Platform SDK, Audio SDK, Avatars, hand tracking, training materials, etc. Other than that I'd say bases are covered as good, if not better, as with Unity (rendering features, core functionality, performance, etc.).

It's just, when it all started, Unity was supposedly ahead of UE4 in VR (mobile VR specifically) and Oculus chose Unity as in-house engine.