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Unreal Engine is now FREE

Level 3

WOAH! :mrgreen:
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Level 2
How can Unity compete? Unity Pro is $75/month.

Unreal went from $20/month to free? And from the research I've been doing this past week, has more advantages over Unity than disadvantages.

I've been told that Unreal out-of-the-box builds for Oculus Rift have more eye-candy turned on by default, so they look better, but there are more performance issues with UE4 builds.

Unity builds have better frame rates out-of-the-box, but less eye candy by default (and most of the eye candy requires paid plug-ins or the premium version of Unity)

Level 4
This is amazing news, I was seriously considering cancelling my sub to it because I am re-budgeting my year and this could not have come at a better time.

Additionally they have credited us with $30 to spend in the store, with VR seemingly taking off now, 2015 is looking `Epic`? :mrgreen:
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Level 2
Yeah, I've been doing the on/off/on subscription dance for the last several months so this really helps me. $30 in the Asset Store? Sound FX!
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Level 16
This is quite amazing news. Actually, it's unbelievable. You could almost say it's... Unreal.
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Level 3
Amazing! [keeps trowing instant karma points at epic]