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Quest2 Hand Tracking

I am a UE4 developer , how to package gesture recognition to PC. In editor, start VR preview, gesture recognition is normal, but after packing, gesture recognition cannot be displayed .please help me, thanks!

Blueprint users can not make apps for App Lab

Users of Unreal Blueprints an NOT make apps for App Lab at this time. Even if you manage to get past the herculean demands and labyrinthine hoops, at the end, you'll always be sabotaged by Android Permissions. The "ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt" c...

Resolved! Roomscale reset HMD

Hi, I am trying to make a roomscale app for the Oculus Quest. I am using blueprints. I have a camera attached to a VROrigin (scene component). When I hold the Oculus button on the Oculus Quest the app re-centers based on the direction of the HMD. Thi...

Unreal multiplayer is using port 0?

I'm trying to set up multiplayer in an Oculus Unreal project, just using LAN for now. It finds the session and the JoinSession node succeeds, but it doesn't proceed to the level. The logs say it uses port 0, which seems wrong. Even though I have Defa...

Get Oculus Identity returns No Logged In user

I try to get my ID with GetOculusIdentity node but it fails and prints out LogOnlineIdentity: Warning: Oculus: Failed Oculus login. Not currently logged into Oculus. Make sure Oculus is running and you are entitled to the app.Also tried Get Oculus ID...

Unique Device ID on Oculus Go & Unreal

Hello,I'm trying to get a unique ID offline of the Oculus Go on Unreal Engine that can be persistant between resets or at least between oculus updates. I was using at first the Persistent Unique Device ID from the Mobile Utils Plugin Project (https:/...

Quest For Business Save not working

When I build out our project using Unreal 4.25.3 oculus integration using standard save features, it works on the consumer headsets but does not save on the Enterprise edition headsets, also known as the business edition headsets. Why are these diffe...

Ham1ton by Level 3
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Please create more Oculus SDK Blueprints

Please work with Unreal and implement more Oculus SDK features as Blueprints for Unreal.Things like VoIP, Oculus Avatar integration, inviting friends to sessions/joining friend sessions, and other SDK/OSS features.This would really kickstart a lot of...

VRC.PC.Audio.1 - Unreal Engine problem

Hi, I am trying to create a build for Rift and submit it to the Oculus Store but during the validation process the VRC.PC.Audio test failed - it looks like my game does not target the correct audio device.I tried all of the settings and solutions I f...

palii90 by Level 4
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I can't get the entitlement check to work!

Hi All,using Unreal 4.14 and blueprints I cannot seem to be able to get the entitlement check to work.It just crashes(fails) every time. I think I have done what is needed but maybe you can tell something that I am missing?- The Oculus subsystem plug...

Fredrum by Level 5
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app:processDebugResources FAILED

Hello, I've been trying since several days to launch an apk natively into my QUEST 2, no matter what I try to solve this issue I always get the same error which is the title of the thread. anyone had this issue and succeed to resolve this ? thanks fo...


Pink meshes with HLOD volumes

We upgraded from 4.25.3 to 4.25.4 (tag: oculus-4.25.4-release-1.55.0-v23.0) We are using HLOD volume in order generate proxy meshes, but the tool which is used to generate this is buggy in 4.25.4. When we check merge materials options, the combined t...


no friend list got since 01.March.2021

hi,my friend list query worked fine until 01.March evening (EU time), and since that it provides empty arrays, and invitable friend list results always in only a 1 element array.is there any Oculus back-end change or error, or new permissions are int...

[QUEST 2] UE4 crashes when open level

Hi people! Today I finally got a Quest 2 device and we are experiencing some serious issues with when porting a project to this new hardware. We work with Unreal Engine 4 (v4.25.3) and with the Quest 1 everything was working great, but at the time to...

FSkyline by Level 2
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Get Accepted Invite from dashboard

Hello,We are integrating the room invites into our app and we can successfully launch the inevitable user flow and people receive invites and can accept them from the dashboard, however, upon accepting it launches our app and the LaunchDetails are em...