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[QUEST 2] Can't get the friend list

Hello, I'm trying to get the current list of connected friends. I'm working with two Oculus Quest 2 headsets with different Facebook accounts. The 2 accounts are friend with each other. My starting point is the Oculus SDK Unreal sample (V 28.0), I'm ...

Optimization through Device Profile

We successfully launched the game on Quest 2, but it has a lot of issues with optimization and graphics. We trying to make an optimization through Device Profile for Android in UE4 (because we want to maintain both PC and Quest versions in one projec...

Unreal Engine Niagara Collision support

Hi there,I'm wondering.. Probably someone knows.. Is it possible to use Unreal Engine Niagara with collision enabled? When I'm trying to turn it on, Niagara particles simply dissappear in my scene. I've tried bunch of different setting but it simply ...

UE4.26 unable to launch game on Quest v28

After updating to the Oculus branch of UE4 4.26.2 we can no longer launch our game builds on quests with versions lower than v30 (maybe 29).We have 2 headsets that are stuck on v28. They can't find any newer versions. Tried factory reset and restarti...

New UE version 4.27 - changes / issues

New UE version 4.27.0 - As before, I think its useful to put the changes / issues in one topic for an easy overview and to reduce wasting time trying to solve (known) issues. 210821 Just started testing so a short list:- The official GPU lightmass is...

MaxArch by Level 7
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No Oculus Hand Support in 4.27 Oculus branch?

As title suggests, opening my project (which focuses on hand tracking) in 4.27 causes issues with the hands. At first the hands wouldn't even appear until I switched back to Legacy OVR under the XR API in project settings, but then, after I package a...

[QUEST 2] UE4 crashes when open level

Hi people! Today I finally got a Quest 2 device and we are experiencing some serious issues with when porting a project to this new hardware. We work with Unreal Engine 4 (v4.25.3) and with the Quest 1 everything was working great, but at the time to...

FSkyline by Level 2
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Getting VR Mode to Work with Oculus Quest

Hey guys.. I'm trying to to get my Oculus Touch controllers to properly work in VR mode. I am able to engage VR mode (shift+v or the VR Mode button on the toolbar). The controllers show as Vive controllers, and only the left radial menu works, and no...

Rendering issue of water in Oculus Quest 2

Trying to figure out why the edges in the screenshots are happening when I run this VR map on the Quest 2? I've tried using different water materials and planes but still having the same issues. Any fixes for this?

com.PaperTiger.VRCancer-20210727-115014.jpg com.PaperTiger.VRCancer-20210727-122509.jpg
SAC-DCM by Level 2
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Unreal Engine 4 : Screen Space Widgets

Hello,I'm trying to render text to be readable in a large world-scale VR environment, just like in Google Earth VR. The best solution I have found was to use Stereo Layer integration of Compositor Layers in Unreal Engine.The thing is, there is a maxi...

Crashing on Join Session for build with Oculus Go

Hello,I'm working on a multiplayer project for the Oculus Go (Using Unreal 4.21 Launcher version). I've been able to create a build and upload it to the store for alpha. I can host a session on one Oculus Go just fine. And the second can search and f...