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Oculus-ready UDK Now Available!

Hey everyone,The Oculus-ready version of the UDK is now available from the Oculus Developer Center!You can download it right from the Downloads page:Oculus DownloadsThe documentation can be downloaded from the Documentation page:Oculus DocumentationD...

Unreal engine, UDK size "feeling" ?

Hello everyone,As you know on the unreal engine they sat a human size is 32x32x96 (unreal unit) 96 is heightI build everything with this in mind.So the pawn and the assets have a great relationship with each other (don't we all... ^_^)BUT when I go f...

Disabling tracking ?

Hello everyone,As the implementation of pitch and roll is not there (yet, let's hope) I would like to disable tracking so I can get my Playercontroller (camera) working like it's supposed to be and is. (with pitch and roll)I can't find a way to disab...

SitRep on the UDK situation?

Hey guys, it has been just a few days short of a month since Nates update on the UDK situation, and I was hoping we might be able to get a SitRep on the situation? Thank-You. 

Replacing the hmdwarp shader

So, i'm not sure how many have had this issue, but when i enable the hmd warping shader in udk, i get strange down sampling issues as evident by the tail of this space ship:I've tried every setting I could think of to try and fix this, at first think...

New Oculus-ready UDK (September 2013) is released!

Hey guys,We are glad to officially announce: the long-awaited new release of Oculus UDK is officially released! It is available for download on our 'Downloads' pageHere is the high-level list of changes (in comparison with previous March 2013 OUDK):N...

artyom17 by Level 5
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Code fix submissions?

I've made some fixes / changes to the default Oculus Rift implementation, would you guys like the fixes / changes and if so what would be the best way to do it?Current patches I've done is: Fixed bug where if the Oculus Rift is disabled, then mouse i...

0.2.4 UE3 (Feb 2013 QA) Integration is released

New UE3 (based on Feb 2013 QA) integration with Oculus SDK 0.2.4 is released.New features:Integrated Oculus SDK 0.2.4Integrated Scaleform 4.2.24Added ResetMotionInput function (UnrealScript) to re-center user's view (including Scaleform and Bink movi...

artyom17 by Level 5
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Need help with Oculus integration

Well, I've spent a day and a half on this now. Even after overriding several functions the rotation of the rift takes over my camera. All I want is for the calibrated initial "base" rotation to be saved to a variable I can access and for the rotation...

Image-Based Reflection only in one eye

It would be great if Image-Based Reflection could be enabled. So far all my experimenting has shown that the reflection is only rendered once for my left eye. Has anyone found a solution to this or do we just need to wait on Epic to add it?

Quick solution to UDK stereo by default

Stereo by default in UDK seems to be the first problem whenever someone wants to try an UDK game or demo. The player either has to modify the .ini file or enter console commands. And this is not really acceptable if you want your game to look pro.I d...

[solved]Kismet -> Draw Text

If you use the Kismet node "Draw Text" (New Action -> Misc -> Draw Text) are you able to read it while in the rift?Solved: Yes! It is very readable. It is also locked to your view. (Will be easy to use offset to get it where you want it to be)

True First Person with Rift enabled.

I found the head bobbing in the UT3 Example that came with the UDK made things feel better when moving, especially in the nausea department. With a true first person viewpoint, I find it even better.WARNING: If you watch this wearing a Rift, keep in ...

TextureMovie problem

Hello. i have a Problem while importing BIK movie into UDK-2013-03 (downloaded from here, dev 1.0 page).Theres an error "cant import" poping up every time i try to import it.In standard , newest UDK (UDK-2013-07) it works well, so imported same file ...

lazniak by Level 2
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[Solved]Cant see item in Rift

Nevermind. Got this working. More questions to come im sure though Sorry i am a newb to UDK......I have imported an object from blender. ( i have another issue with that, in another thread). If i play the level in the viewport i can see the object. I...

[Solved]FBX collisions

Solved my own problem. Followed the tutorial and never did get collisions. Then i realized i dont need to export collisions. I can create them in UDK. Not sure if this should be in this forum or not. Apology in advance....I am exporting a FBX from Bl...

Realistic rain?

This is probably a silly question, but has anyone built an environment yet for the Rift in UDK that implements rain?I'm working on one right now, and the only method I've been able to use that looks anything close to actual rain is by simply applying...

UDK download is a bit confusing

I find the Oculus download page a bit confusing and not logical. It has one tab for 0.2 and one for 0.1. This gives an impression that the newest SDK can be downloaded from the 0.2 tab and older SDKs can be downloaded from the 0.1 tab.It looks, howev...

Editor Perspective window Black

Hi everyone, i installed march build (oculus rift) and have ghostship all up and running but on every map even the default new map the perspective window is black. The other 3 windows are fine but if i change them to perspective it goes black.I have ...

World scale

I'm having trouble with a demo I started working on a few weeks before I got my Rift. I designed this according to the "96 Unreal Units rule". After getting my Rift something didn't feel right (floor more or less at knee level). I made a new simple p...

Walky by Level 3
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UDK Left vs Right Eye Lighting Difference

Just got my Rift today and I am having a lot of fun. One of the levels that I have been creating in anticipation of the Rift has a major lighting issue. There is a huge discrepancy between the lighting of the left and right eye. I don't believe that ...

what screen resolution should be used?

should FOV must be set to an specific value?When I play with different values of resolution fov neve got it right... when stereo seems to be ok (when my poor eyes does not hurt when focusing on distant objects) then aspect ratio is too.. how to say i...