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CreateSession hangs UE4.25.3

In UE4.25.3 running the create session node from the Oculus OSS hangs on the AddRequestDelegate:OculusSubsystem.AddRequestDelegate(ovr_Matchmaking_CreateAndEnqueueRoom2(TCHAR_TO_ANSI(*Pool), MatchmakingOptions), FOculusMessageOnCompleteDelegate::Crea...

GPU Lightmass for Quest2 ?

Does anybody know if the GPU Lightmass also works for VR production? Just curious. Because the GPU Lightmass requires Ray Tracing, but no way to use Ray Tracing for VR. And so far all my tests, baking with GPU Lightmass and deploying to the Quest2 fa...

remoz by Level 3
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How do I sign apps for the Oculus Quest?

I've tried to sign my apps the same way I did for Google Play Store, but App Lab won't accept them. There must be some new way to sign apps I'm not aware of. Can anyone who's successfully submitted to App Lab tell me how they signed their apps in the...

Crash when using level streaming

Using Oculus UE4 version 4.25.4.If I add a sub-level set to initially loaded and initially visible I get a crash in:01-05 10:14:07.858: D/UE4(4086): Ensure condition failed: Scene->GetShadingPath() != EShadingPath::Mobile [File:I:/GitHub/OculusUnreal...

Can't Update to SDK 23 (v1.55.1)

According to the v23 release notes, the current integration is 1.55.1.My UE4 won't (can't?) update the plugin from 1.44. Can't see where to upgrade it in the plugins list. See pic below.My engine is 4.25.4.

Proper way to replicate Oculus Quest hand tracking

Hello,iam on Unreal 4.26 (Launcher version) and iam trying to replicate the hand tracking for an multiplayer experience. My pawn has a body and two motioncontrollers which are being replicated nicely. Now I added the Oculus hand components, for the l...

Oculus VR Plugin and Focus Aware

Hi, I'm using U4.24.3 on Win10 I'm trying to follow this the Unreal DASH Overlay Focus of the Oculus documentationBut i can't fllow this step:Enable overlays in the Unreal Engine Editor by navigating to Edit > Project Settings > Plugins > Oculus VR >...

UE4 Quest 2 App Lab Oculus Platform Bug

Hi there,When I set up an app on App Lab for Quest 2, I get the following error when initializing the Oculus Online Subsystem:LogOnline: OSS: Creating online subsystem instance for: OculusLogOnline: Display: Oculus: FOnlineSubsystemOculus::InitWithAn...

DolloD by Level 4
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Best AA Settings?

What are your best Antialiasing Project Settings for VR Quest2 MobileVR Quest for PC (Steam, etc.)Thank you,​​​​​​​Bernhard

remoz by Level 3
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AR with oculus quest 2

HelloI'm trying to make a simple AR app with the oculus quest 2, something similar to the Passthrough of the home, but I don't know how to capture the cameras to show reality on the scene.Example:The Unreal Engine AR examples don't work, and I can't ...