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4.26.2 Project Crashes on Launcher at start when I have Oculus Online Subsystem plugin Enabled

Level 2

Hi guys, how you all doing? I'm having a problem with trying to add Oculus online Subsystem working on my project that it keeps crashing every time i try to run it on my Quest 2 and i dont know why. I though it had something to do with my blueprints that i created, so i tried to create a new project with just adding the Oculus online Subsystem but it keeps doing the same error and i dont know what to do. I tried searching the internet for answers but alas didnt found anything that could help me.
If someone knows why this is happening i would be very grateful of you could help me. Thanks in advance! If you need more information let me know!

PS: im using the SDK 29 and NDK r21bOnlineSubSystemCrash.PNG