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Can't get OVR Lip Sync to work in new unreal project

Level 2

Hi, I've downloaded the OVR lipsync demo, and am trying to replicate the lip syncing. If I recreate the blueprint within the demo project, it works fine. However, if I start a new unreal project, follow the same steps I got working in the demo project, then I get no lip sync back. I'm not sure if there is a hidden setting anywhere, or what i'm missing, but I'm starting to pull my hair out over this! 




I've also copied the plugins folder to a new projects content folder to load the OVR plugin, and that worked great. So it seems it's only NOT working when I install the plugin to my default unreal 4.27 installation directory. How odd!


I'm not sure if this is a bug, or just something on my end, but I would love to know how to get the plugin working in the default unreal installation so I don't have to copy the plugin to every new project, but for now this will have to do!


Level 4

I think for it to work on the default folder you would need to build the engine with it. When you put in the plugins folder it can be treated as a custom plugin.
I guessing, dont have any idea why would it work on a project but not on the default engine itself

But feel free to send a message. I got both the playback and the live lipsync working on when opening the default OVR LipSync demo

And you must have blendshapes that match the phonemes so the OVR plugin send the values and the blendshapes properly animate.
The OVR demo has this mesh automatically set