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Delay on the grip buttons when using Link cable?

Level 3

I'm developing a PC game with the Unreal Engine and have hit on a annoying issue when testing on the Oculus Quest with a link cable.

I have 2 inputs set up on the grip buttons, one as an axis to update my clench fist animation and one set to a button so I can pick up and throw objects.

This works great on everything I've tested it on including the original CV1, the Vive, the Index and even a Cosmos, but there is a delay on the Oculus Quest with a link cable?

My clench fist animation is slow and does not follow the grip button at all. If I let go of the button, the fist should almost pop to the open state, but instead it slowly opens.
More annoying is the button input also has this delay making it very hard to throw objects because by the time the button has registered as open, I've stopped moving my hand and the objects just fall out instead of get thrown.

Has anyone else seen this and know a work around?