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Help - Setting Up Oculus Quest 2 w Unreal Engine 4.27

Level 2

I'm unable to connect the Oculus Quest 2 w Unreal Engine 4.27.  Under launch ( Unreal Engine), I don't see my Occulus Quest

1. I've installed the Oculus Developer Hub - Working

2. I downloaded the Android Studio - Working

3. Unreal Engine: I opened the SetUpAndroid Windows Batch and activated it. 

4. I'm using the VR template in Unreal Engine 4.27.  I've watched a couple of You Tube videos about settings and plugins. I think this is what the problem is.

Are there any links you can suggest? Also open to hiring someone to walk me through this.




Level 2

If you haven't already, enable Developer Mode on your Oculus. You can do that from the Developer Hub.


Then, open `<user>/AppData/Local/Android/platform-tools` directory in the terminal and run `.\adb.exe devices`. There should be an entry for the device.

Level 2

If you are talking about previewing VR in editor with the Quest 2 you have to enable the Link when it asks you to on first connect, then you can do the VR preview in Editor. Might have to re-launch editor once Quest 2 Link with PC is done.