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How to Disable and prevent Auto Sleep host headset freezing online?

Level 5

Hello, does anyone know how to get the Quest HMD to stop going into sleep mode when a user takes the thing off using Unreal Engine. The user can simply change the timer or disable on the hardware's built in software but I can't count on all users making sure to do this before hosting a game. And if the host headset goes to sleep all replication stops and game freezes for other players far from ideal.

I hardly want to tell users to tape the sensor or have to go into sleep settings.
I tried using the "Control Screensaver" node can disable sleep on an android phone but my tests don't seem to show this working on the headset.

Thank you


Just wanna bump this.  I have the same issue, wondering if you found any solution?

Level 2

There is a camera between your two eyes when you wear the headset. which is used to detect whether you're wearing the headset.

So the solution is : paste a paper before this camera.So it cannot detect your appearance anymore.