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How to display & control desktop/monitor display in VR? Like Virtual Desktop but 100% Custom?

Level 4

 I usually find things out on my own, (or get a solid start by typing my interest along with the words Unreal and GIthub ;~)  hehe  BUT I don't even know what to call this except 'Virtual Desktop' and the conversation has been so overwhelmed by the product of that name,  I can't find anything that isn't about it.  (virtual Desktop seems not customizable to me I want to make my own work desk area like the facing semi-clear monitors in Minority Report mixed with the Table/Wall monitor seen in both OBLIVION (Her work desk)  and PASSENGERS  (Chris Pratts Phone Booth)  I just want to be able to work on VR from within VR.  Any help would be so very appreciated!  I have looked on and off for year but sometimes when you don't even know what to call something it is hard to find a starting point! 🙂   I am hoping to find a Github unreal Starting thing from MIT or something I can adapt to my needs I don't want to sell the app I make,,   I want to make something to work in...