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Networking Broke with UE4.23 [Oculus Branch]

Level 2
Hey all,
we have a working "join friend via session id" in ue4.22
Simply upgrading our project to the latest 4.23 branch breaks multiplayer.
We get the following errors:

[2019.11.17-15.05.14:528][912]LogPackageName: SearchForPackageOnDisk took   0.025s, but failed to resolve 14123********.umap.
[2019.11.17-15.05.14:528][912]LogNet: Warning: There is no connection to: 0
[2019.11.17-15.05.14:528][912]LogNet: Warning: Server failed post-challenge connection from: 14123********
[2019.11.17-15.05.14:528][912]LogNet: Warning: There is no connection to: 14123********
[2019.11.17-15.05.15:493][972]LogHandshake: SendConnectChallenge. Timestamp: 289.552185, Cookie: 14123********

several times in a row
** i hid the id here.

And this:

[2019.11.17-15.06.29:265][391]LogWorld: Warning: SetActiveLevelCollection attempted to use an out of date NetDriver: GameNetDriver
like hundret times per tick.

Hope you can help


Level 2
Thank you! I have been hinted to:


I was getting this error after updating to UE4.25.  I looked at that link and it looks like the Oculus code is still the *old* version in 4.25?  I tried this fix and it appears to have worked - WTH?!