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New Oculus-ready UDK (September 2013) is released!

Level 5
Hey guys,

We are glad to officially announce: the long-awaited new release of Oculus UDK is officially released! It is available for download on our 'Downloads' page

Here is the high-level list of changes (in comparison with previous March 2013 OUDK):

New features:

  • Integrated Oculus SDK 0.2.4

  • Integrated Scaleform 4.2.24 (including a fix for crash in ActionScript 3 UserData and fixed memory leaks in ActionScript 2 UserData)

  • Integrated Bink Video

  • Integrated SpeedTree 5.0

  • Integrated Simplygon

  • Added LatencyTester support

  • Added yaw drift correction and magnetometer support (see 'hmdmag' command)

  • Added many Rift-related new console commands (refer to UE3-Oculus.txt)

  • Added support for full screen GFx movies (previously didn't render correctly with Rift); added .ini parameters into [Engine.Oculus] section: bFullScreenGFxMovieFollowHmdRotation and FullScreenGFxMovieHmdExtraDepth

  • Added Oculus user profiles support for Rift DK1, config utility program is located in Binaries/OculusConfigUtil

  • Added informational HUD (displaying actual yaw, pitch, roll, IPD, etc), toggled by 'ToggleHmdInfoHud' function (works in game only)

  • Added USB hot plug/unplug support (for Rift and Latency tester); added Oculus.OnDeviceStatusChange event for UnrealScript (see Oculus.uc)

  • Changed crosshair distance scaling

  • Added Canvas distortion support

  • Added initial HD Rift support

  • Improved DX11 support (added Rift detection, reduced latency)

  • Added FOV to ASDisplayInfo to be used with GFxObject.SetDisplayInfo.

  • Added EnablePlayerViewUpdating(bool), EnableScaleformFollowHmd(bool), EnableBinkFollowHmd(bool) and corresponding Is...Enabled functions. (UnrealScript, Oculus.uc). This stops/re-enables motion tracking for player viewpoint, Scaleform menus or Bink video, but doesn't disable Oculus HMD tracking completely (thus, Oculus.GetCurrentOrientation() / GetAdjustedOrientation() still work as before). To completely disable HMD tracking use Oculus.EnableMotionTracking(bool).

  • Added Canvas.HmdOrientation for positioning actor HUDs manually (when PlayerViewUpdating is off)

  • Added Oculus.Add/RemoveStateListener and OculusStateListenerInterface to receive notifications about stereo on/off.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed rendering of image reflections in DX11

  • Fixed a bug in UnSetup.exe that was causing game distributions on Steam (or similar services) to fail.

  • Fixed FOV for Scaleform movies to match FOV of the game, thus, Scaleform movies that follow the HMD movement now behave more naturally.

  • Fixed 'gimbal lock' issue that could occur with the main menu (or any 'follow-HMD' Scaleform movies) by changing math from Yaw/Pitch/Roll to quaternions.

  • Fixed screen corruption when ScreenPercentage is changed

  • Fixed extra latency in DX11 mode ('SetFinishFrame' console command didn't have effect on DX11)

  • Fixed multiple stereo-related issues in Canvas (affected functions - DrawMaterialTile, DrawTileZ, DrawRotatedMaterialTile, DrawShadowedString, DrawStringOutlinedZ, DrawStringMatZ, DrawStringZ, Project )

  • Fixed wrong positioning of mouse cursor in UDK main menu

  • Some issues are fixed in main menu rendering

  • Fixed default .ini files to contain correct values for Rift support

  • Fixed several issues in mouse handling/aiming when Rift is not connected or game is not in stereo mode.

  • Fixed a bug in Scaleform / Oculus integration that caused incorrect rendering when multiple movies with different HmdExtraDepth were rendered together.

  • Fixed FPS counter to be visible in stereo mode.

  • Huge amount of minor fixes and code cleanups

Known issues

  • Temporarily disabled planar reflection shadows in stereo until they are properly fixed.

  • Captured scenes render-to-texture doesn't render correctly with screenpercentage > 100, plus, HMD warp shader is applied to it, but shouldn't (this is already fixed, but didn't make to RC2)

  • Dynamic shadows are rendered in one eye only (left) (FoliageMap)

  • Incorrect viewport size in 'cinema' mode in stereo (for example, in NightAndDayMap).

  • Changing resolution in stereo to greater than nominal 1280x800 and with screenpercentage > 100 might cause screen corruption

Some known issues are already resolved in our dev branch. We are working on introducing 'patches' for 'official OUDK' to deliver latest fixes and new features faster. We'll keep you posted.

New features requests / issue reports: