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None of the links to the github work. How do I use Oculus with Unreal Engine?

Level 4
None of those links work.
Where can I find the necessary plugin for the Unreal Engine to be able to export games to the Oculus Quest?

Level 4
Note I followed all the instructions at having an account on both and linking them together.  All the links just give me a 404 error.

Level 4
Hello @"thomas.prewitt.1"  You have to create an Unreal Engine account and a GitHub account, then you must link them to have access to the links. 

You can find more info here ->

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Level 4
I just said in the post above you that I tried that and it doesn't work.  I still get the 404 error.  My accounts were linked, still nothing but the error.

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You've done something wrong then cause it's working for everyone else 😉 Double check every step and ensure the correct accounts are used.

Level 4
I unlinked and linked again and now its working.

Level 2

I did every step you'd done as you said above. I did even unlinked and linked several times too. But still not working. Would you please help me out with it? I've spent a lot of time on it..

I was having the same issue. My Epic Games account said that I had successfully linked it to my GitHub account, but I had missed the last step in the process:

You receive an email titled "[GitHub] @EpicTeamAdmin has invited you to join the @EpicGames organization" That email has a green button with the words "Join @EpicGames" on it. Click that and you should finally has access to the GitHub:

The link in the email expires after 7 days, so you might need to unlink/relink Epic Games and GitHub accounts again to get a new email.