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OpenGL ES3.1 and Vulkan

Level 5

In the last release from Meta (v42) i cant open apps that used the OPENGL ES3.1 option. If I disable it and enable Vulkan it works. But i need OpenGLES.

Anyone having this issue?

the app with opengl simply dont open, it stays on the splashscreen and then just goes back to the menu. I know its this setting because I tried only changing this option.


Level 7

Are you updating a released store app or is the app still in development? 


If a released app, please share a log of the crash. 


Otherwise, Vulkan is the supported graphics API. 

1 - i manage to "solve" the issue by enabling Forward render and disabling everything in the Render>VR tab (with OpenGL ES3.1 enabled and vulkan off)
2 - I did a new build in a new version of the engine. I think the other version of the engine somehow some files got corrupted.
I also migrate the content to a fresh project.
the issue is still there but I managed to workaround it.

I am developing an app, opening from the Unknow Source tab