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Quest 2 max gpu level fixed to 3 on ue4.25.3?

Level 4
UE4.25.3 Oculus last build
While testing the power of quest2 on a clean project (just loading assets to scene in a new project) i noticed that in ovr metric tools overlay, the gpu level keep stuck at 3 in the cases where the fps drops far below 72. I tried to force it to 4 in the plugin and with the "Set CPU and GPU levels" node, but nothing worked. 
Does anyone else have this problem?

oh, and dynamic FFR isn't working either.

Level 3
Should there be level 4 for GPU? I thought there are 4 levels for CPU and 3 levels for GPU. 

That might be the same problem then as what I'm facing on Unity. My Quest2 GPU won't go over level 3 and fps is dropping to 62-64fps range on the same project that is running full 60fps on Go