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[SOLVED] Connecting directly using Oculus ID?!

Level 5


based on advice here from Oculus staff I am using a Custom/browse pool when starting and joining the session and now I want one of the two players in my versus game to connect with the other player who just opened a map in listen server mode.

The advice I got was that the second player should be able to connect to the listen server player using a command like,

open oculusIdOfListenServerPlayer.oculus

But I am not able to see that working at all so far.
Does anyone know if this should work in Blueprints and in that case, how?
Or is it for some reason just c++  ?


Level 5

Bumping this! I was hoping that @imperativity might be able to clarify a little further, as it was from you I got the advice a while back?
We are doing the networking part now and it would be great to know if this is supposed to work?

Cheers, Fred

Level 5

I'll reply with updated screen grabs and info plus I am attaching the tail of the UE logfile that seems to have the relevant bits. NOTE: that I have edited the id's in these just to be careful, so the ID in the blueprint is really another number and is the oculus id of player1.

Player1 (lets call him) first does this:

Player2 then does this:  (ends with:  open oculusIdOfListenServerPlayer.oculus)

This is what the room debug reports:

Also please see attached the tail of the Unreal session logfile!
It looks like maybe P2 is trying to open the map P1 was in first, not the second map (Arena1) that he opened after the session create? UPDATE: no it seems to open the map set in the Project Settings as the game default map. (or the editor default as they were both the same)

Level 5
Woohoo! 🙂 It worked!!
It was indeed that I was running Player2 from the editor in PIE mode, so that I could test things on the fly.
I am aware that PIE networking is hit and miss and should have thought to test without. I was just trying so many things that I couldn't make a new build for each as packaging  is slow.

Anyway...awsome!  Thank you so much Imperativity + the others in the team who helped out!!
Now the programmer can convert this to some more proper code.

Cheers, Fredrik