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Scene Capture 2D no longer working in 4.27

Level 3

I recently updated my project from 4.26 to 4.27 and now I cannot get any of my scene capture 2d components to capture a scene to a render target. I tried all the usual suspects including turning off/on multi-view, trying different rendering methods: ES3.1 and Vulkan with no luck. Has anyone else had success with doing any sort of Scene capture on the Quest with 4.27?


My capture settings are identical to my 4.26 project, but capturing LDR scene with a few actors in the visibility list simply isn't working in 4.27


Any help? anyone else scene capturing in 4.27?


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I do use SceneCapture2D in 4.27.1 OculusBranch and it’s working fine… 

Level 2

Hi, Could you share a bit how you are successfull with SceneCapture2D?
Can you confirm your project is
- HDR off?
- Forward rendering?
- ES3.1? Vulkan?
- Multiview off?
My project is 4.27.2 and SceneCapture2D everytime display a Black screen.
Really need a good clarification here.... Too much people stuck there.