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Showdown demo quest vr version download problem

Level 5


Hi, I am unable to download the famous Showdown demo quest vr version ,from quest github, no download

option available for the project,does it has limited access , or there is some option that i need to do to download it , the link is at

any help are welcome, thanks


Level 7

You'll need to link your Epic and github accounts to gain access to the Oculus fork of UE which contains the Showdown demo. 

 How to gain access to the Oculus fork and what it includes


Hi , yes I already have the link., but it seams that I need to download all Unreal source code to get access to the project, because the quest project version isn't available by itself, only the pc version is available by itself, or maybe I am missing something here ..!!

Level 7

Showdown for Quest is currently only available as part of the Oculus fork of UE. It depends on that version of the engine as it includes Application SpaceWarp and tonemap subpass.