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Strange error message? "ovr_GetHandPose failed: ovr_GetHandPose: Only Oculus Link is supported."

Level 2
I've been getting this error ever since I upgraded my project to ue 4.24.3 + oculus sdk 1.46.0

[OVRPlugin][ERROR] ovr_GetHandPose failed: ovr_GetHandPose: Only Oculus Link is supported.

I don't do anything with Oculus Link, there's no cygwin folder in my c: drive, and I don't see any "GetHandPose" function in my project... This error spams the heck out of Visual Studio debug log, but doesn't show up in the UE4 editor log.

Any ideas?

Level 3
I feel like this could use a bump -- was there any resolution??

this happens all the time to us, how to get rid of it?