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[UE4.25] Issues with generating a mesh from Guardian Points.

Level 2

I've been wanting to visualize the players' guardian for some time, during a setup phase, we're releasing the game outside of the Oculus ecosystem, so we cannot simply enable Guardian drawing. We would like to construct a dynamic mesh at runtime from the points in the guardian, that we can display with our own materials to customize how it looks.

Is there any accessible data for the guardians' shape that I can use in UE? C++ or BP doesn't matter. I managed to find a node named "Get Guardian Points", which is essentially exactly what I'm looking for, however, it doesn't seem to update after recentering VR. What I mean by that is, obviously my guardian points in the real world don't change because I recenter, however, the in-game world points for the guardian changes to the wrong locations after I've recentered.

I appreciate any answers, thanks in advance!