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UE4 and packaged Game crashes if you are using OculusAudio plugin on PC with surround sound setup.

Level 5
So I spent a lot of time trying to find out why my project is crashing, probably a lot of customers get the crash too without you knowing about it or reproduce the issue.

If you enable OculusAudio plugin on your UE4 project, your project will crash at the start if your PC is set to 4ch or 5.1 CH. with below log,

Assertion failed: false [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Oculus/OculusAudio/Source/OculusAudio/Private/OculusAmbisonicSpatializer.cpp] [Line: 128] Invalid number of channels. Input channels were 4 but should be 4, output channels were 4 but should be 2

This issue happens on almost all UE4 I've tested, starting from 4.21 till 4.24 Epic launcher version.
Btw: you don't need to have a surround system to reproduce the crash, just change the speaker from your speaker software like Realtek from stereo to 4ch, 5.1 or anything other than 2ch. and open your project in UE4 or run your packaged game, and you will get the crash at launch. 

How to reproduce the crash?
1- Make a new empty project.
2- Open your project and Enable the Oculus audio plugin. then close it.
3-Make sure to enable a new audio engine from config file located on (YourProject)\Config\Windows\WindowsEngine.ini
with these lines, if there is no such file creat one.
4- open your project and set Oculus audio as "spatialization plugin" from audio setting on project setting. then close it.
5- go to your windows speaker and change the config from stereo to 4ch or 5.1 (if you have Realtek then you can change it from there)
6- open your project and experience the crash.

7- set the speaker config back from windows to stereo and re-open your project again and it will open without any crashes.  

Here is a link to the bug report I made. if you guys like to follow it.