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UE4 texture streaming always causes a hitch on Quest 1 + 2?

Level 3

Using UE 4.25 Oculus branch. When I move closer to a mesh and it streams in a higher res texture there's always a very noticeable hitch.


This also happens when a new actor is spawned and when I load a new level it'll stutter for 5 seconds while textures are streaming.


The only way I can stop it is by disabling texture streaming but this isn't really an option.


Anyone else seen this before?


Level 5

This might be related to runtime compilation of shaders created from the materials that use those textures if your LOD is switching materials.  If that is the case, I believe the proper solution is documented here:

PSO Caching | Unreal Engine Documentation


I haven't personally done these myself yet.  I could have gotten the wrong impression after glancing over the docs, but it looks like a semi-manual process that has to be done once on the targetted hardware and then use the results to build a cache that can be packaged.  So I've gotten the impression that this may only be something you want to do for special release builds (not something to be done every time while you are iterating on the game). 


I think an alternative that is more dev-loop friendly is to have an extended black splash screen that warms up all the assets you need warmed up.  That may make your initial load annoying long when you are testing, but at least the gameplay will be more representative.


I hope this helps.  If it does, I would be interested to know of any tips or tricks you learned through the process (or if my impressions above should be tweaked).  


If this isn't exactly what you are looking for, sorry for the red-herring.  I would still be interested to learn if you ever find the cause and solution for your problem.