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VRC.PC.Audio.1 - TestAudioOutput: Failed

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Hi there. I have been running the VRC validator on a build of my UE4 game (latest 4.19 Epic launcher release) and it has been failing at the audio test.

I have the Oculus Audio plugin enabled and I'm not using any external audio tools. From what I gather it seems that it should just work with UE4 without changing any settings, is that right? If not, does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

Yeah I have tried that. I take it that step 3 means to choose "Use Windows Settings"  under "Audio output in VR"? No audio is coming through the Rift, just the headphones.

I have tried with a clean 4.19 project with the Oculus Audio plugin enabled and I'm getting the same problem.

Would having this issue cause a problem with running a build I have just uploaded to my Alpha channel? Or does that only matter when submitting a store build? Nothing seems to happen when I try to run my downloaded game through the store at the moment. All other VRC tests from the validator passed.

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Do have that issue too, hours of no progress, seemed to have broken sound in my Unreal editor now too. Wow love to find out if it’s Unreal like I suspect...

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Hi again. Not sure if you have had any luck looking into this? 

I just wanted to add that I have managed to upload my game to my Alpha channel and it is now playable (so I can use it for testing). The audio is still only coming out of the default windows device, even with "Rift headphones" selected in the Oculus device settings. I guess that points to an issue with my project but like I say, I have the Oculus Audio plugin enabled and I'm not sure what else I need to do? 

Thanks again.

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Yes I have the OculusVR, Oculus Audio and Online Subsystem plugins enabled. SteamVR and OSVR are disabled.

Edit:- I think I may have found a workaround, I have migrated all my levels to a fresh project and did a test compile. It seems to pass the audio test using the new project. Should have tried this earlier I guess but have had a bit of trouble with it in the past. Most things are working apart from some custom collision channels so it shouldn't be too painful to fix up.

No idea what the issue was though. Could be some settings I have messed with or the engine config file perhaps?

Anyway, I hope that is the end of this issue now. Thanks for the help.

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I too am having some trouble with the Audio section of the VRC validator software.
I am using UE4.19.0 the binary download version. PC and Windows8.1. Rift.

First I got the Audio failed result so I set the Rift to be default output device.
I ran again and now I got a result saying,

INFO: Starting TestAudioOutput
INFO: Skipping the test since Rift Audio is configured as default device
INFO: Cleaning up...

Does this mean good?
I'm not doing anything particular in changing how Unreal is configured in regards to the Audio output.
Should I?


EDIT:  Just noticed it was mentioned this part of the vrc checker is actually buggy.

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@Fredrum How did this end up? Did you pass submission? Was it the tool fault or did you have to fix something in UE4?

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I'm running 4.21 and got the same error message. The problem for me was that I was using the "Get HMD Worn State" node to check if the user was wearing the VR headset or not (and pause if they were not). This works fine, but the VRC Validator expects you to use the "Has Input Focus" and "Get VR Focus State" nodes instead, so when I ran the validator the app would pause (since I wasn't wearing the headset) and no sound would play - causing it to fail. But after removing the "Get HMD Worn State" and replacing it with "Has Input Focus" and "Get VR Focus State" it passed the test.