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VRC.PC.Audio.1 - TestAudioOutput Failed

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Hi, I am running the VRC validator on a build of my UE4 game (latest 4.19 Epic launcher release) and it has been failing at the audio test.

I have the Oculus VR and Oculus Audio plugin enabled.  I looked over the documentation on the oculus site and see nothing about what I need to do in UE4 to make this work.  My only searches have returned other people having the same issue with no concrete solutions.

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The documentation says 

"When Unreal PC applications are launched, if the OculusRift plugin is enabled and the Oculus VR Runtime Service is installed, then the application will automatically override the default Windows graphics and audio devices and target the Rift."

Based on what I read there I don't understand what else I need to do?

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I had exactly the same issue. Did you upgrade your project to 4.19 from an older version? In the end I had to make a new 4.19 project and migrate all my levels across.

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Has that issue been resolved?

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This issue has been resolved and should be fixed with the 1.26 release.


 In my experience using 1.27, this is not the case.

Sound plays through the headset perfectly fine during the test and I have followed the documentation to the letter, I have tried with and without the Oculus Audio plugin as well.

Any ideas?

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@VoidVirtualReality How did this end up? Did you pass submission? Was it the tool fault or did you have to fix something in UE4?