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SBS 3d video player for ue4

Hello, does anyone have any blueprints and/or code they would be willing to share to create an sbs 3d video player in VR? The only recent tutorial I can find has a broken image in the tutorial. Thanks in advance!

Upgrade OpenSSL Library

I have a quest app uploaded to AppLab, but the test results give a security warning about upgrading the OpenSSL library due to a security vulnerability; however, anything that uses the OpenSSL library is from the Engine or its Plugins. Is it possible...

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Bat (attached to controller) Collision Issue

Game: The Final OversApp Lab Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3753844808017398/Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26 Short overview of the game: it's a Cricket game where the player (batsman) is supposed the hit the ball with the bat (attache...

Cannot get basic project to work in UE4

I cannot get a simple Oculus project to work in UE4, and have no idea why. Here is what I'm doing:I've downloaded and built from source the Oculus UE4 branch from Oculus' Github. I'm using 4.18.I've created a simple, empty project.I've created an app...

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Resolved! Failure to connect using Oculus online subsystem

Using the oculus online subsystem I have not been able to join another users session (matchmaking or room). I've integrated the Unreal OVR SDK sample, added my oculus app ID, changed the matchmaking key to my own which is user and system created, and...

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How to teleport on a moving actor

I have created a platform that is floating mid air above the ground with a working nav mesh bounds volume. This works correctly, but as soon as I set it the platform object to movable and try to teleport around the platform, the teleport point reache...


Thumbstick Movement in VR

Hello!This is my first post. I've implemented a simple BP for thumb stick movement and camera rotation. However, when I "Close" my fist, or pick up an object, it interferes with my movement. My guess is that somehow physics of the hand is interupting...

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Two sided texture basecolor

Using the oculus fork of UE4.26, two sided textures ignore the basecolor node when using the forward shader. This does not happen in unreal 4.26, only in the oculus fork. Has anyone experienced something like that, and what is the best way to combat ...

Wrench / Car Mechanic inspired simulator

Hello all, I'm a Quest user keen on Hyperdash, Pop One and Blaston. My company is looking for a UK based VR developer to work with on a project. We would like to build something akin to Wrench and Car Mechanic but for a different purpose. I know Wren...

Oculus quest multiplayer for UE4

Hello, i want to develop oculus quest multiplayer app, with the sessions, host and listeners. How i should to develop multiplayer with Oculus SDK? Coz in the steam, i can find a lot of tutorials how to connect SDK, how to do a host or listener, via b...

FeroxD by Level 4
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How to setup Multiplayer with Oculus Subsystem?

Hey,I'm looking for any guides on building a networked VR game using the oculus subsystem via blueprints in Unreal.I don't seem to see anything online.I've found this: https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/vr-ar-development/106631-si...

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Resolved! Blueprint users can not make apps for App Lab

Users of Unreal Blueprints an NOT make apps for App Lab at this time. Even if you manage to get past the herculean demands and labyrinthine hoops, at the end, you'll always be sabotaged by Android Permissions. The "ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt" c...

Unreal multiplayer is using port 0?

I'm trying to set up multiplayer in an Oculus Unreal project, just using LAN for now. It finds the session and the JoinSession node succeeds, but it doesn't proceed to the level. The logs say it uses port 0, which seems wrong. Even though I have Defa...

Quest2 Hand Tracking

I am a UE4 developer , how to package gesture recognition to PC. In editor, start VR preview, gesture recognition is normal, but after packing, gesture recognition cannot be displayed .please help me, thanks!

MyFirstSetup For macOS(M1chipset)

macOS BigSur version11.2.3Mac mini (M1, 2020)Chip Apple M1 8GB Memory Installed!!Oculus for macOS(iOSもあるよ) Version 108.0Oculus Developer HubUE Version: 4.26.2-15973114+++UE4+Release-4.26 I don't know what to do.I want to implement 3DCG.

Phiilo by Level 2
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Unreal Cloud Save

I'm trying to figure out how to do cloud saves to satisfy https://developer.oculus.com/distribute/vrc-quest-functional-4/.I'm using Unreal 4.24. I was hoping that just enabling cloud saves in the app portal would magically know that Unreal saves all ...

GPU ms increases during Actor Activation

Hey,I already implemented an objectpool to avoid spawning a lot (well .. 20) actors in one frame during gameplay.So what I do is when I need actors, I move them and activate them (setActorHidden to false) and activate their components.This somehow ca...