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Lip Sync Sequences stop working until rebuilt

Hey guys. I'm using UE4. Not sure if I should have posted this in Unreal Development or Avatar Development.. but this is specific to UE4 so Unreal Dev seems right.Anyway, my issue is that the lip sync will stop working when the project is closed. So ...

Package Installed - Cant find on device

So after much configuration, I was to build and install package.But I can't seem to find the installed package to launch on quest ( it does appear in storage)Where is it supposed to show up - e.g. on main home browser screen?Thanks for any help

Anonymous by Not applicable
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UE4 APK Package crash at launch

Finally got an APK to build for Quest 2, but launches briefly to blank screen. Grabbed the logs with adb.... Last entry in log says "LogPluginManager: Error: Unable to load plugin 'ProxyLODPlugin'. Aborting."....This is just the sample Third Person T...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Unreal engine Oculus Browser integration

Hello, i want to ask if it's possible to integrate Oculus Browser into the Unreal app?Or can i use some Oculus Browser methods for interaction from Unreal? In the Unreal Engine, we have the very old chromium browser version that is not working like e...

FeroxD by Level 4
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Oculus Quest - open game page in Store app

Hello,Is there any way to open my game page in Store app (Oculus Quest) using native API or some method from OculusVR/Online susbystem plugin in UE4? Or maybe is there any URL (something like oculus://open-my-game-in-store-app) which can open Store a...

Lukas_1 by Level 2
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How to copy VR Game to Oculus App?

I am using Unreal UE4.I would like to copy my VR-Game to the Oculus App on my PC.From there, I would like to use the Oculus Link Cable and launch the game with my Quest 2.How to copy the game to the Oculus App on my PC?And how to run / launch it?Than...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Basic sky reflections on the Quest?

Hi,I've been experimenting and reading for several weeks trying to create a simple scene with a shiny object in which I can see the sky reflected, working on the Oculus Quest. I have not been able to get it to work, and I also haven't been able to co...

dimaryp by Level 2
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DestroySession not working in UE4 4.25

When I call DestroySession to try and disconnect from a multiplayer session, it does not work. I am calling on the client, to try and disconnect the client. The DestroySession node returns 'Success', but the player remains in the match. Anyone know w...

Quest 2 max gpu level fixed to 3 on ue4.25.3?

UE4.25.3 Oculus last buildWhile testing the power of quest2 on a clean project (just loading assets to scene in a new project) i noticed that in ovr metric tools overlay, the gpu level keep stuck at 3 in the cases where the fps drops far below 72. I ...

PiroKun by Level 4
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Unreal Oculus quest 4.24 to 4.25

Hey guys, we have project on 4.24 and i have recently being upgrading this to 4.25 and It builds successfully, but crashes immediately, when i open the App.I have done most of the settings that people have suggested.- Disabled splash screen- Min Api ...

HandSample Example Project Not Working

I downloaded the latest 4.25 version of the Oculus UE4 editor and built it (no issues). Here's where I got it: https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine/tree/oculus-4.25.0-release-1.49.0-v17.0Included in that are some examples. One of them is called ...

Loading a Save Game on Quest causes Crash

So I have a save game Blueprint type I use for storing replay/ghost data. When I try to load it from disk using LoadGameFromSlot, there is a gigantic memory usage spike and the Quest crashes. I've been testing with save files that are just ~30kb in s...

UE4 4.25.1 builds on Quest are Crashing

Hi,Recently I have been working on upgraded our teams project from 4.21.2 to 4.25.1 (Oculus fork for both). I have followed the new 4.25 Android steps, installing Android Studio and using the 21b NDK to build the project. The project will build, but ...

Android Download Image | App First Launch

If a shipping build is made and installed, the Download Background Vertical/Horizontal Image, which is under Android in the Project Settings, will appear during the initial launch of the app, but it does not display properly appear in VR and will not...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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[Rift] Hand template + free open source project

Hi all,for those looking for how to integrate hands in UE4 here is a little gift - free hand interaction framework + shooting range demo. All released under CC0 licence, which means you can use it in your projects without any restrictions.Video: http...

ENiKS by Level 5
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Private Room | Server Full

I have created a Private Room with a maximum of four users, but when a third person attempts to join, it will load the level, but kicks the user because it says the server is full; however, all three users are showing up in the Rooms and Matchmaking ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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